[Jun 8, 2012] Socal InlandEmpirezFinest4 Tourney (SFxT,SSF4AE,UMVC3,SkullGirls) (Moreno Valley, CA)


There’s going to be this big inland empire tourney for Street fighter x Tekken, they will also have, SSBB, SSBM, Project M, and if theres enough people Skull girls/UMVC3/SSF4AE!

It will be in the city of Moreno Valley
[LEFT]Organizer(s): CsxMark, David[/LEFT]


[LEFT]Will be using a Modified Japanese Ruleset.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]1. 3 stocks [/LEFT]
[LEFT]2. 10-minute timer (Pools matches may run on an 8-minute timer) [/LEFT]
[LEFT]3. Best-of-3 sets (WF, LF, and GF will be best-of-5) [/LEFT]
[LEFT]4. Double elimination [/LEFT]
[LEFT]5. All items off [/LEFT]
[LEFT]6. Team attack on [/LEFT]
[LEFT]7. Changing controls allowed [/LEFT]
[LEFT]8. Pause is turned off [/LEFT]

[LEFT]-LGL is 35.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Allowed to ban neutrals.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Must land on the stage before going under the stage twice.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Double MetaKnight is banned.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Stages are the same for doubles.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]-----------Stages----------- [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Starter: [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Final Destination [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Battlefield [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Smashville [/LEFT]

[LEFT]Counterpick: [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Yoshi’s Island (Brawl) [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Lylat Cruise [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Pokemon Stadium 1 [/LEFT]

[LEFT]Melee- MBR Official Ruleset 2012[/LEFT]

Street Fighter x Tekken (Ps3)

The tournament will be a 1on1 team tournament, this very well could be a very interesting event.
#standard controllers provided recommend bring, fight sticks welcome - no macros or autofire
*#*No gems
#All characters permitted
#No infinites - game will be using unpatched launch version unless bug-
#1 on 1, Single-elimination, 2/3 games
#Time set at 0:99
#One player per roster
#Random stage select

Also There are t.v’s an additional ps3 and SFxT copy setup would be nice your venue would be free of charge.

[LEFT]#4 in the IE’s new Tournament Series in SoCal.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Will have LiveStream and Recorded matches uploaded to youtube.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Venue Fee: $2[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Singles Entry Fee: $5[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Doubles Entry Fee: $4 (Per Person) (Only for smash)[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Will be Brawl/Melee/ProjectM/SFxT/(maybe UMVC3, skull girls, SSF4AE) at this event.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]-Facebook Page[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Address: 25066 Dana Lane[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Moreno Valley, California, United States[/LEFT]
[LEFT] The address is not clearly visible but it’s definitely there. When you’re on the streets Dane Lane/Sheila Ave, the venue is directly on the corner of those two streets. A white house with strips of blue. For more info you can text or call us at 310-770-3672 would be much of help to let us know if you will attend The more people that will show there will also possibly be sum food and drinks depending on the outcome thank you.[/LEFT]

Skullgirls Regional Match Making
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[May 12, 2012] 1UP VIDEOGAMES Ultimate MvC tournament (Covina, CA)
[Jun 15th-17th, 2012] MadCatz ARENA SFxT @ The Gigabyte E-Sports LAN - CALPOLYPOMONA (Pomona, CA)
[Aug 26, 2012] IEBG: Tournament @ James Games Arcade: UMvC3, AE2012 & P4A (Upland, CA)
[Jun 8, 2012] ReveLAtions 2012 (Los Angeles, CA)
[5.28.13] UCSB Black N Blue club, Weekly tournaments

I will totally go if there’s Skullgirls (and Marvel) but I haven’t played Smash long enough to be competitive in it anymore. How can I find out if there’s Skullgirls before I head out there and pay and junk?


I’ve got to make sure there would be enough players for these events. If you want you can simply stay in touch with the number provided above and i can let you know whats up.


Alright, I will do that, thanks.


I would go if it wasn’t like an hour away :frowning:


I know of sum ppl that would be car pooling from your direction maybe i could check if theres room for you.


If honor can give me a ride and the fates (read parents) smile on me, i’ll be there

Can also provide an evo monitor and or a component monitor if needed


What exactly is the time frame for everything, and if Skullgirls and Marvel will be there will it be PS3 or 360?


Great it would be much of help.


The time frame would be from exactly 11:00am til 12:00am, Apparently as of right now we only have got ps3 setups. Although if you would prefer to compete on the xbox and you are able to bring just the system & game’s cause have enough t.v’s. Than maybe i can see if we have room.


Actually guys we do have one xbox setup so far.


Do you need another Xbox?


Sure you can bring it. Do you have two controllers?


Just one.


If you want you could just bring your controller, what game do you plan on competing for?


There are enough setups just need more people if we want skull girls, AE2012, and UMVC3 to happen.


Please inform me guys how many people will attend before 10am tomorrow that why I can keep track.


You can’t run a Street Fighter X Tekken tournament if that game doesn’t exist…


At the latest it would start today at 3pm people come check it out!


If you still would like to bring your 360 your welcome to.