Jun the Swan Partners

A thread for Jun players to discuss partner pros and cons for our yo-yo swinging demolition expert. Like most partner threads, the purpose of this is to find the best styles of play for individual players by sharing assist character strategies. To break the ice, I’ll start.

Ryu- Ryu seems to have good synergy with just about anyone in TvC. Shinku Hadoken is one of the most versatile supers in the game, and especially so for Jun. Any combo of Ryu’s that ends in QCB+C canceled into his Shinku Hadoken leaves most characters in the perfect distance range to be team hyper combo’ed by any one of Jun’s supers, with her 3 bar super (phoenix attack) leading into at least 25,000 if performed in a full combo. Their assists compliment each other nicely, equaling great ranged pressure if either uses their QCF+(any attack) followed by a slightly delayed assist. If caught without blocking, the opponent takes a hadoken and now has a bomb on them for later detonating, which isn’t bad considering your not up close. Aside from the fact that Ryu has more than likely an impossible time team hyper combo’ing into any of Jun’s supers, this team has become my personal main favorite.

Zero- Zero’s Z saber hyper combo (his 3 bar special) loves any character whose own hyper combo can keep them still and level enough to hit with it. Even though Zero is capable of combo’ing into it himself, Jun’s QCF special is an interesting choice. If you have the 4 bars, combo’ing into Jun’s QCF special will put 4 bombs on your target, but before she finishes and they explode (where she says Bingo!) bring out Zero’s Z Saber special, (Dragon punch notation) and you get nice damage with the added bonus that those bombs stay undetonated. Just don’t let Jun get hit and you can detonate them later on, always very nice. Assist wise, like Ryu above, any one of Zero’s projectiles can be used in delayed conjunction with Jun’s assist for ranged pressure or zoning, but Zero’s assist for Jun would be mostly for combo additions, of which I haven’t explored anything specific yet.

I’ve been experimenting with Batsu and Ippatsuman with Jun, but haven’t come up with much yet. Feel free to post your pros and cons with match ups you guys have made with Jun. Combo-specific match ups are great to, if you have a particular match-up whose assists help you perform specific combos. Share your ideas :slight_smile:

I play Chun/Jun pretty much exclusively.

There are lots of combo extensions you can do with either character, with Jun you can chain together two light swan illusions by putting Chun’s assist in between them, and then you can do an aerial rave.

With chun on point, you can do :d::snka:, :d::snkb:, :snkc:, BBQ, :d::snka:, :d::snkb:, assist, :snkc:, :d::snka:, :d::snkb:, :snkc:, launcher into air combo. It does a whooole lot of damage, even if you leave off the baroque.

Jun/Chun is beastly. Def one of the best teams so far in my mind

I play Jun/Casshern. Casshern can extend his combos with her assist and jun can use casshern’s assist for added zoning.

call casshern assist plus TK B or C yo yo bombs covers most of the screen lol

I’ve been playing Casshan am lot recently, but I find the timing for any of his combo extensions with his assist a little awkward, need to practice more.

I can’t mash the button fast enough to play Chun effectively, lol, but if I ever learn how to do her lightning kick ground combos, I’ll definately want to try that combo out.

with Jun blah blah blah st.C, casshern assist, cr.C, cancel the 2nd hit of sweep with 421+A, then air combo from there. Overall i use casshern to keep the opponent grounded while i Iad around them trying to cross them up or use 6B to go low or overhead with 6C while there blocking

Casshern: blah blah jun assist, st.C, hcb + B, then follow up

You can do the same trick with Morrigan’s level 3 super, and I personally like her assist for Jun more than I like Zero’s.

What do you guys think of Yatterman-1? He’s my second favorite character so far, but he has even less health than Jun, and I don’t know if they have any good DHCs or if their assists compliment each other.

Edit: As far as DHC’s go, you can do this same trick with Yatterman-1’s level 3. Other than that, DHC’ing from Jun’s qcf super into Yatterman-1’s qcf super for chip is the only thing I could come up with.

Edit again: If you do Jun’s qcf super in an air combo, and DHC into Yatterman-1’s qcf super after the 4th hit, it will combo.

I’m starting to play Tekkaman Blade with Jun. His assist is a nice anti-air, and bombs easily DHC into his qcf super after the 3rd hit.

Ive used poly with jun using the same kinda combos with ryu and chun and the like. Anyone know if she works well with joe? Ive been trying to find ways to have it work well but im not good enough yet to figure any out.

I don’t know much about Joe, but I just starting messing with Polimar myself, and I’m really liking what I see so far. Poly’s assist is really good for extending Jun’s combos. Also, Jun can DHC into the drill after bomb super in the air. * Only the first pass of the drill combos, but that’s still a ton of damage* (edited below). I like Jun’s assist for Poly as well. Start a combo, throw out Jun’s assist, cross over with 6B, continue the combo. Finally, air combo with Jun, variable air raid into Poly into 360 super is awesome.

Edit: If you DHC into drill right after the 4th hit of the bomb super, the entire drill super combos.

I’ve been working on Jun Polimar, and I really like the combination.

Starting with Jun (2 bars): 5A, 5B, 2B, 6C, call assist, (optional 5A bbq), 3A, 3B, 3C, sj., j.A, j.A, j.B, double jump, j.A, j.B, bombs super, DHC into drill just after 4th hit.

Starting with Polimar (1 bar and 1 emblem): 5A, 5B (2 hits), call assist, 2B (2 hits), cross over with 6B while assist hits, 5A, 5B, qcf+any, cancel into charge special, dash after they hit the wall, 3A, 3B, 3C, sj., j.A, j.A, j.B, j.B, 360 super.

Oh fantastic! Ive been lookin for some good combos, just never knew how to do em properly. When you say cancel into charge special which one are you referring to?

charge back, forward A. It causes them to bounce off the wall, so you can continue to juggle.

More Jun/Chun

Jun: 5a 5b 2b 5c 2c (1 hit) 6c, (bbq/repeat) dash, 2a 2b 5c, Chun assist, 236a, dash,
5a 5b 3c aerial rave.

Nice thing about this one is you’ve got one bomb planted going into aerial rave
so you can plant the second and bingo or if you have trouble landing the bomb
during aerial (like i do) still get all 5 for 236ab.

Chun: 2a 2b 5c, (236c bbq/repeat) 236a, Jun assist, dash, 2a 2b 5c, 3c aerial rave or
LL loop.
236a for assist, 236c for bbq seems better suited than others.

That’s my main team, too. Haven’t been able to play much lately so this was all I could come up with:

w/ Polimar: [ground string], 2C, 623A, A, assist, 214A, land, dash forward and start charging back, 5A, 5B, 5C, charge special, dash in 5A, 5B, 3C, aerial rave.

im starting to love Jun/Alex. Alex extends her combos nicely, they have some fairly good DHC combos, hard hitting CADs that can end in either a reset power bomb/ or reset or air knee smash, an assist that allows Jun to keep pressure fairly well and vice versa, not to mention Alex’s body is so damn big that when he comes out as an assist, jun can easily keep rushing w/ a high-low mixup while alex’s body hides Jun (ie After a blocked 6c, call alex, 2a, 421a, alex’s body covers the majority of her. I stole the idea from a video of Marn doing something similar w/ zero/alex).

Alex also gets some good combo options from Jun’s assist. Like being able to midscreen slash elbow (Hold 4->6b) and set up for a launch w/out using a bbq or do another C slash elbow-> a or b slash elbow->BBQ followup which will usually lead them close to the corner.

Awesome Baroque/Aerial Cross-Over Raid/Combo with Tekkaman Blade and Jun.

It requires 4 Super Bars and some red bar on Tekkaman Blade, but technically, you could leave parts of the combo out, but if you do the combo with the prerequisites, you can do around 44,000 damage if its not Mega Crashed.

Start with Tekkaman Blade and start the combo or lead in with a Falchion followed by 5A, 5B, 2B, BBQ (Optional, but leads to 44,000 total), 5A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 3C, sj, j.A, j.B, j.B, 236A, jc., j.B, 236P (Aerial Cross-Over Raid to call in Jun) j.A, j.A, j.B, j.B, jc., j.B, j.B 214 Super.

This combo can be played around with. Done without the BBQ, done with Jun’s 236 Super, done with no super as a means to switch. But if done in full as listed above, it can end the life of one of you’re opponents characters in a single combo. And yes, I’ve found myself in matches where the opponent could not Mega Crash out of it and turned the tide of the match :). Jun and Blade are my official mains of TvC as of recent.

Quick Edit: This combo doesn’t work on small characters, IE: Viewtiful Joe, Roll, etc.

Jun + Tekkaman has always been one of my favourite teams. Easy DHC damage and his assist really lets her put together some great combos.

So, I’ve been debating between Polimar and Morrigan as a partner for Jun.


Long combos that do insane damage
If your opponent gets caught in his assist, you have plenty of time to dash up and juggle.
More health.
Insane DHC from Jun’s bombs into Drill.

Incredibly slow
He can’t really start combos against people who know to block low.
Assist is short range.


Quick overheads
Assist is long ranged and amazing for extending Jun’s combos
Awesome level 3

Less health
No long, damaging combos (at least none that i know of)
No useful DHCs because her level 1’s are useless
Problems with keep away characters, especially Saki

Your thoughts on this?

Well i play mainly Jun/Polimar, and from my experimentation polimar dosent benfit a whole lot from her assist. Although it can make getting in wit him a lil easier. But a nasty combo ive found wit them is
Jun start: 2A, 2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 2C, 6C(1 hit), BBQ, IAD C, 5A,5B, 5C, 2C, 6C, 623 B, J.B, 5C, 421 A, 236 B, ASSIST, 5A,5B,5C, SUPER/AIRCOMBO/OR BINGO BOMB
This combo has many variations and pretty is verstile since u can do it without BBQ and still get a good amount of damage, end in a simple air combo, super, or just blow the bombs and continue ur advance. Some one try this and let me know on what u think or if u find somthin better. Glad to see this team is gettin some love.

Polymar’s 6c is an overhead as well as the followup to 214b (same move) and it can be canceled into special/super
and 6b can be useful for crossups. Not perfect but he does have stuff vs those who block low.