Jun the Swan: Strategies

So I noticed the threads up at the moment focus a lot on Jun’s combos. But what are you guys using in actual gameplay?

Lets post up some good in-match combos/ mixups / high-low games / Situational tactics (ie. Do this if you happen to land this)/ General Strategies.

I’ll start it off by asking;

  1. What different methods have you guys found works for rushing in?

I’ve been sticking to IAD Forward, Optional jump cancel, J. C for grounded opponents and IAD j. B, JC, j.a 421 a, etc.

  1. What do you guys do for crouching opponents or small characters?

The only thing that I’ve been finding that works is 2a, 2b, 3c etc. Any other suggestions?

  1. What do you guys like to use for a good mixup game?

I like her high/low game with her ground string of normals. 6c seems to be punishable if you use it too much to hit overhead on blocking opponents. But it seems that 421 a hits high and comes out fairly fast. Pretty good if you use it after a 2c.

And every once in a while I like to throw in the 6b, BBQ, etc. It’s a pretty tricky poke.

  1. After doing an air 421 a/b/c, is there a consistent way to bring them back to the ground for another ground chain juggle?

I can do it sometimes after a 421 b, bbq, j.b, land. But it seems like the timing is strict and I’m inconsistent. Any other methods?

I was wondering if her 6B can beat people landing from aerials since it has some invincibility frames

also, I like to meet people in the air with j.B and dash under them for trickery

Here’s a Jun reset.
I didn’t wanna double post so here’s a link to the thread.

One very very basic trick I do is her ground series > 623 A x2 (or 3 if i feel lucky) > w/e mixup i feel like

I mostly use IAD j.C and sometimes j.B if I want to poke. Otherwise, if I’m too far from my opponent, I Super-Jump, Dash, Jump and dash again with J.C.

I do : 2A, 2B, 5B, 5C, 2C (2 hits), 6C (1 hit) xx 421AB.

Does about 14.2k damage. And note that the 6C is optional.

Though, if I have baroque, I do : 2A, 2B, 5B, 5C, 2C (2 hits) - [Baroque] - 5C, 3C into bnb air combo.

Same here. I tend to use 6C in my strings first to see how they react and after, I use 421A / C for safety. Also, 421A, on certain opponents, completely whiffs when they are crouching, which make you kinda safe.

As for mixup game on hit, I use the reset you found. It’s pretty good.

I’m not really an j.421A / B / C user so can’t really answer this one.

I’m starting to see that Jun’s in-match damage potential isn’t what I originally thought it would be, especially with her supers. Personally I’m starting to feel that Jun get’s better results when I use the meters strictly for evading damage w/ mega crushes and safely tagging her out. If i’m looking for damage, Ground chain->Detonate->air magic->cross air raid->finish w/ super is my preferred method. Only costs 1 bar and rivals the damage you would get using her lvl 3 at the end of the combo.

And as for more mixups, I’m having some success using these:

On the ground after ground chain->6c, 623 c, IAD a, land, 236 a BBQ. This is another setup to utilize her “No-look” yo yo crossup that I posted earlier.

Another setup for it is:
Anything into a ground 421 a, IAD a, 214 a(This is the input, you’ll cross them up, so you’ll actually be doing a 236 a) BBQ. You’ll cross under them after the IAD a, then input 214a which will propel you forward crossing them up again, and the yo yo will hit them even though jun is facing the opposite way.

I actually like that method better because you can add more hits to the ground chain and recover the ground you lost with the AID. I always trained myself to do long ground chains so only doing 5B, 2B, 6C is not a reflex for me. Thanks for finding that.

Some resets I saw Justin Wong do:

Whatever > 6C (2 hits) > IAD j.A j.B > mixup as they land

So something like

… > 6C > IAD j.A j.B > (call assist depending on what char) > dash forward and cross under opponent> opponent lands > IAD back over their heads > j.C

Hard to explain (to me at least) but you can see it at 8:27 here. [media=youtube]ffR7V7plr9U&feature=related[/media]

Yeah I pretty much do something similar except off of the 421a or 623b.

421a you can IAD a, then dash under them.

623 b you can do that same thing. or you can just IADc right away. They’ll land and you’ll be hitting them overhead.