Jun the Swan- TVC: UAS



Thought I’d give Jun a new thread for the new game, since the old one isn’t totally relevant anymore.

Jun’s Gameplay
Jun is a very mobile character, with a very fast walk speed and a fast airdash. She also has very good runaway and zoning, so she’s played most effectively when you space the opponent out, give yourself room to maneuver and do jump, airdash :snkc: to get in. Her j.:snkc: has a very wide hitbox as well, and is great for crossups. Once you land a jumpin, you can combo into one of her bread-and-butters.

Here’s move info from the last thread, all still holds true:

Jun’s Assist
Jun has a very good assist, it’s basically just her :qcf::snkc: attack. It causes some hitsun if it connects, allowing some characters to extend their combos by putting the assist in the middle. It has a long range, so it is a good zoning tool as well. It leaves a bomb on hit.

Changes from CGoH
(+ for buff, - for nerf)
+assist leaves a bomb on hit
+2C combos to 6C
+can aerial rave after light swan illusion
+slightly faster walk and dash speed
+Damage increase (confirm?)
-bind bomb has longer startup

As you can see, Jun has been buffed greatly for UAS, and she was already really good. She’s looking to be one of the best characters in the game, and she goes well with just about every character due to her strong assist and the variety of styles in which you can play her.


:d::snka:, :d::snkb:, :snkc:, :d::snkc: (1 hit), :r::snkc: (optional BBQ 1st hit, repeat first half) (2 hits), dash , :d::snka:, :d::snkb:, :snkc:, :df::snkc:, sj, j.:snka:, j.:snkb:, j.:snkb:, jump, j.:snkb:, :qcf::snka:, :qcf::p::p:
[]This is my go-to BnB combo, it does about 18.5k damage, and only costs about half a meter since it builds quite a bit.
]Note you can do a lv3 super instead of lv1 if you have the meter. It does 24k with the lv3
[*]Also note that the :r::snkc: whiffs sometimes on certain characters, especially v. joe and roll

I only just got this game, so if you guys have some good combos or useful team ideas, go ahead and post them and I’ll add them to the thread.


Just tested the chun assist, it appears to work well, you can get about 18k damage if you do a BBQ and combo into illusion, then do assist, then juggle into another illusion into b, dj b, lv1 super.


Some interesting stuff to note: after the airdash B, you can crossup level 3 super. It won’t combo, but a lot of people probably aren’t going to know which way to block during that time anyway for now. Plus it would net you full damage on your level 3. Variable Aerial Rave will also net you good results building about a whole meter anyway, and depending on which character you switch to, could lead to a more damaging combo otherwise since it resets proration (20 billion with Tekkaman Blade no super).

Edit: It seems like Jun has better combo potential using 623C after the 6C instead of 421A. Just follow up with B, J.B, B, 236AB.


regarding the combo listed in the op, you can do a 236a right before the super which adds a good chunk more damage since the super only puts 4 bombs on the enemy. the trick to doing it is to delay the first dash a little bit.


Yeah, I was just testing this. You can actually do it with the 421C Dancing Swan. Airdash the same way you were facing, hit B, 236A, Super. It does around 17.25 billion.


Does anyone know why Jun sometimes can’t combo 236A? Is it because I’m not cancelling fast enough or is there strict timing?


From what I can tell, there are multiple hitboxes throughout the duration of the move as it moves from below Jun to above her. Comboing into it in the air seems to require hitting with one of the first few hitboxes versus the hitboxes at the top of the arc.

Captured a few combos today that I thought were interesting:


Great videos. Are these yours?

The first combo seems really useful. It’ll definitely make people think twice before letting their guard down from across the screen.


My bad. Double post. See below.


I found something interesting today, and I don’t think this combo was in the Japanese version.

If you connect with a light Dancing Swan, (the backward DP attack) after the attack animation is over you can land a Swan Rush (RDP in the air) and following that you can land either Mirage Swan or the level three HC. The notation would be:

412+A, 421+A (air), then either 412+2P or 214+2P.

I am unsure if stronger version of the attacks combo correctly, as I have not gone into training mode and completely tested everything out. This can be very useful in some situations since the 412+A is a fairly quick overhead attack. You can use it to catch opponents off guard especially if they are used to blocking low against your blockstrings. It can also be used as a surprise if you kill a character off and want to do something when a new character comes in. Since the move hits 4 times, it is easily hit-confirmable. The one thing to remember is that you end up on the side that you attacked your opponent as to not reverse your inputs accidentally. The move is very unsafe if blocked, so if its attempted, a BBQ may be needed.


You can land Swan Rush after a Heavy Dancing Swan as well, but you pretty much have to do the RDP for the Swan Rush right before the animation on Dancing Swan ends.


Here’s two videos i found on nicovideo

They’re both instant kill combo’s using Jun + multiple Ryu assists(2 i think). Note the 5A 2A 5C loops mid combo


Very nice videos georgetheplushie helped me a bunch.

to regel: Do those instant kill combos apply to our version as well and any other assists work with it?


Ergh, how do you watch Nicovideos?


You need to register, google “how to register for nico nico douga”. Also, using google webpage translator helped me alot.

George, do you think you could write out the combos?


Type the URL in here


yaaaay T_T

I knew this game would be ruined by infinites/loops that might as well be called infinites.

that “loop” took me as little as around an hour to learn. I guess this type of shit is unavoidable in a vs game

I can’t wait to see what kind of gay shit is discovered next! [/sarcasm]


It’s really not that big a deal. The combo system in TvC is lenient in general, so most all loops and combos etc. won’t be too difficult. It’s a Vs. game, there’s going to be kill combos and infinites, but I highly doubt they’ll kill the game or whatever.


Aaaaaand Joe has one. What’s that now? 3 100% loops and one infinite?

Chun infinite on Lightan
Tekka+Saki loop
Ryu+Jun loop
Joe+Ryu loop

am I missing anything?

GG, capcom, this is exactly what I wanted in my TvC UAS


If you cry every time someone figures out an infinite, quit buying games with “vs” in the title.