[June 1, 2013] SSFIV and Marvel Tournament in SoCal [El Monte, CA]


LOC: Cafe Rosemead
9231 Whitmore St.
El Monte, CA 91731

TIME: Doors @ 1:00 PM

      Sign Ups End @ 3:00 PM

PRICE: $6 entry per game, food and drinks ARE included!

GAMES: SSF4:AE2012 and UMvC3

SYSTEM: 360, but feel free to bring your own set up for casuals!

Thanks, everyone!


Let me know if there are any questions as well! Thank you!

Tournament is definitely going to happen this weekend, so come on out!

Food! SF4! Marvel! Fun!

I’d split the food fee with the tournament fee next time. 4 to venue, and 2 to the pot is kind of awkward.

Casuals with mandatory food buy would be cool too.

We’re still working out the details since it was our first event. It was originally $1 to the pot just to make sure the restaurant would do ok and we could keep hosting it, but since the pot was so tiny, we actually price-matched every dollar. Once we manage to convince the management to regularly allow us to run these events, everything will be improved upon. Thanks for letting me know though, I’ll talk to the group about it and see if we can’t bump it up more and still please the owners! :]

P.S. Are you on /r/sf4? I remember your name clearly for some reason.

I am and we played at SCR 2011 in pools. Hah.

Didn’t know about the prize matching, that’s pretty solid of you guys to do.

For a first time run event it was surprisingly well run. Started mostly on time, casuals were up, matches were run quickly. Kudos guys.

Free Casuals or a Ladder/Danisen system with 4-5 dollar mandatory food buy is a solid way to get participation up and the venue to want to keep hosting.

If you want bigger/more competitive tournament turn out you’re going to have to raise the entry fee with at least 5 dollars going to the pot per person. Maybe just giving the venue a flat fee instead of forcing a % to go towards food would be an option? I assume people would still buy stuff if they were there. If it was like 5 to the pot, 3 to the venue last weekend I still would have ended up buying a drink.

Just my 2 cents.

Oh we were worried about pushing it too far with tournament entry, trying to make it more casual. I’ll definitely take your input into account for next week and be sure to mention considering $10 entry to make a bigger pot. Half pot/half venue sounds pretty legit. Got any insight on how prizes should be divided? I thought pay outs would go:

  • 8 player: 1st
  • 16 players: 1st and 2nd
  • 32 players: 1st, 2nd, 4th and 4th.

And from there, still trying to figure out payout. Thought about the 4/2/1 payout, but didn’t know if that’d work.

Hay! Thanks for the feed back!

We are currently having casuals now! Same place. COME JOIN US!