[June 14-16, 2013] GUTS 2 TURBO! Game Underground Tournament Spectacular 2 (Boston, MA)


169.99 a night, apparently over a $100 less than it usually is.

Holy shit that’s expensive.

just an update, King of Fighters - taking place on saturday at noon - will feature a 100 DOLLAR POT BONUS at this event

I’ll be running the bracket. GET AT US DUDES.

Yeah, sorry…there’s not much we can do since its right in the heart of Boston. Jamie did get $100 off the price, so thats pretty great. You could always probably find a hotel outside of boston and take the T in to cambridge? Might be cheaper.

Will umvc3 be playable for tournament on ps3 ?

UMVC3 and most gaames are on Xbox 360 for this event.

Reminder! Today was the last day to sign up online for $30 for GUTS II! It will be $40 at the door! LAST CALL!!! I will leave registration up for a little while longer… get in there!


Although the first post hasn’t been updated yet, Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, and Persona have all officially been added! Each one has a 100$ pot bonus, with $10 entry. More info on the Facebook event listing: https://www.facebook.com/events/571786106179023/

Is there a list of known players that’ll be there?

All of EMP (Sanford, Dieminion, CDJr, and more) and MH. (Ray Ray, Alukard, Unknown and others), KBrad is already here. TS is coming (Arturo, Fooblat, Min), our local known players, Gridman, Lucky D, Weirdo Neo, Weaksauce. Just a quick list off the top of my head of people that I’ve talked to, or see confirm going.

Also this was just announced for Saturday night!


ill b there saturday. y no mention of me?

Thanks man, I’ll tune in for sure!