[June 15-17, 2012] CEO 2012 ToL Qualifier



CEO is back and bigger than ever! Run by Alex Jebailey, CEO is the largest FGC tourney in Florida! The ST qualifier will be held on FRIDAY AT 8PM and will be on Japanese cabinets (not sure if it will be head-to-head).

Anyone attending this tourney post here, I don’t want to be the only Floridian ST head attending this. In case anyone is wondering, PR Balrog took 1st in the ST side tourney at CEO last year. This year will be a much bigger tourney, and considering this is the only ST qualifier besides Final Round that’s being held in the South East, it’d be worth it to come and bring the hype to Orlando!


Bumping this because it’s less than a month away! Make sure you get your CEO badges ahead of time!


Bump and main post updated with full details on ToL payout + rules in case anyone is not familiar.


wondering if Ritual is going to have the balls to show up


Nah. That will probably not happen.

With all the internationals coming, I’m hoping to see some of them on the cab. Not sure if Daigo will enter the ToL, but it would be nice to have him on for casuals.

Also, Jebailey confirmed it is on friday and starts at 8PM:
CEOxNOS Jebailey ‏[SIZE=12px][S]@[/S]CEOJebailey[/SIZE]
[S]@[/S]endless_sf It doesn’t start til 8 pm, so signups go all the way til then.


ill enter


You’ll probably win too. Sim is trending these days in ToL. By the end of all this, there will be around 36 sims and 50 claws in the ToL.


Art, you got this!


will there be a stream for this?


Welp Rituals name is in the bracket. Let’s go Ritual?


Is the bracket online somewhere?


Just a picture of the bracket that got tweeted. https://yfrog.com/kin65yzj


Where are the videos?


Apparently the TOs didn’t think so.

The hell happened endlesss? I’d like to hear your side.