[June 16th, 2012] Tournament of Legends NorCal Qualifier at Southtown


Date & Time
June 16th, 2012 starting at 3:00PM sharp

On-Site signups start at 2:00PM
Entry fee is $20 per player [$5 of it goes to Southtown to keep the machines on freeplay all day for competitors]

SouthTown Arcade
447 Stockton Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

Double Elimination
Best 3/5 Matches
Grand Finals Best 4/7 Matches
Akuma is banned

2 head-to-head Japanese setups. All cabinets have Sanwa sticks/buttons.

1st - 65% + placement in the bracket for Tournament of Legends at EVO 2012
2nd - 10%
3rd - 5%

IPlayWinner will be streaming the event


Sirlin got this qualifier in his back pocket…


Ha Ha, We’ll see about that.


4 people show up to this qual i bet get hype


Bump. Can’t make it to Nor Cal for this cuz it lands on my birthday. I was going to be up at Napa but that trip got canceled too. So I guess I’ll be watching this on the stream.

Any idea whos showing up yet?


I have to be there. ultracombo will probably go. Caesar said he and BTC would go.

So technically, that is 4. Dunno if Choi will show up.

Thanks for reminding me that there is no scene here, guys. I’m gonna go retire now.


I’d definitely like to show up to this qualifier. Sounds like a good option to get myself into the TOL. I hope Choi gets invited by default to raise my chances even more.


Jumpsuit Jesse was the last US invite. That means Choi has to qualify like the rest of us.


gl in this 1 muc.


It’s a 10 minute walk from my apartment. Sorry guys can’t make it. =P

Okay fine, make it 5 people then.

Richard Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii said he’ll go if I bring the Frebreze.


I have shipped my 2nd ST board to South Town Arcade via UPS.

So we should have two head to head setups and it’s $5 free play all day.

You can play unlimited casuals for $5 even if you don’t enter. It’s usually $0.5 per game in h2h.


I’m cumming


Okay fuck. BART doesn’t get all the way to SF because of a fire near the tracks or some shit like that. Someone give me a ride?


I got you homie.


Did they fix it? Is it going to be in service today (Friday)? I’d like to drop by STA for some VF5.


OKAY guys BART is fully operational now so it shouldn’t be a problem.


So whos goign im not even sure if im going its a very busy weekend for me BTC cant make it he is back home for summer im working late i rather save my money for EVO and its Father Days weekend too i love this game but for 4 people qualifier its not even worth it…


I’m sad/happy to hear it, Cesar.


I can still give you a lift if you want.

Well, if you showed up, that’s 6 people lol… I think there may be more guys though. But yeah the possibility of a really low turnout kinda sucks. It’s up to you really I think you have a good chance to win if you show up but yeah there won’t be that many heads so if you’re doing it you probably wanna just come to try get the W.

I prefer more comp even if it lowers my chances of winning because the bigger the pot the better.


yea true maybe i’ll let it be decided on a coin toss after work today so i might see ya guys tomorrow… :smiley: