[June 16th, 2012] Tournament of Legends NorCal Qualifier at Southtown


Please refer to the thread on the ST subforum for any questions or comments, thanks! Link is below


Requesting a mod to lock and sticky this thread. So we can keep everything on one thread.


i will be in Flordia that week… Cant attend


Time for old men to do work.


Wish I could make it.I’m moving that weekend. It’s too bad…


I have shipped my 2nd ST board to South Town Arcade via UPS.

So we should have two head to head setups and it’s $5 free play all day.

You can play unlimited casuals for $5 even if you don’t enter. It’s usually $0.5 per game in h2h.


Awareness bump

This is going down tomorrow, so get to Southtown before 3PM.