** June 16th, Final Corpus Christi, TX tournament (SSBM/3S/GGAC/Other Games) **

** June 16th, Final Corpus Christi, TX tournament (SSBM/3S/GGAC/Other Games) **

The Battle of Retribution!

It’s come down to this! The final tournament that I will host in Corpus.
The official Gamer’s Den Corpus Christi tournament on June 16th (Saturday).

Please Read!!
This time around, games will start earlier and brackets will be alot more organized. All I ask of you, is that I’m going to need some help. Please if anyone can, I’m gonna need some volintiers to help with brackets, especially for Melee.

Also, if anyone can, we are gonna need some extra TVs and gamecubes. Maybe ps2s, but I’m kind of doubting it so don’t worry too much about that department.

Now for the schedule:

>> Schedule <<
–> Super Smash Bros. Melee (2:00 pm)
–> Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (3:15 pm)
–> Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core (5:45 pm)
–> Marvel vs Capcom 2 (6:30 pm)
–> Any other fighting game (7:00 pm)
–> Team Tournaments for GG:AC and 3rd Strike (7:30 pm)

** Thanks to hAMM and monkeyspank, it looks like we might have MvC2 at the tournament after all! **

Gamer’s Den will open there doors at 12:00 pm.
I should be there around 12:45 pm setting up the equipment. Around that time casuals will be open and so will registrations.

There is a small chance that GG:AC or Any other games might get pushed back a little. Hopefully we will have teams running on time, but even that might get a push back as well. Any other games can range from Tekken 5 DR to the new Fist of the North Star (HnK) game. I will announced these games as long as I’m promised the equipment.
Please Note: I will only be able to host two other games max.


Please Note: If I don’t get at least 6 people for any of these games, that portion of the tournament will be canceled. I’m not going to delay it due to lack of players.
And stay at your station when you know your match it is coming up. If your not at your game station when called in less than three minutes YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED (unless you have some sort of good excuse).

>> Rules <<

  • All rules are arcade standard except for Melee which will be played under MLG rules.
  • Don’t use any game breaking glitches for any game that will prevent the match to continue (except for Fist of the North Star, some glitches will be accepted).
  • If you win with your character, you have no choice but to stay as that character until you have lost (this rule applies to ALL games except Melee).
  • If you pause in a middle of a match, your opponent has the option to choice to have you losing that match or having a do over.

Also, please don’t act stupid.
In other words, don’t act childish. I don’t want to hear baby excuses on why you lost or why you can’t win. When the tournament starts for that portion of the game there will be NO CASUALS until that portion/game of that tournament is over.
If you are playing casuals, you will be given one warning, but if you are cought again after being warned you will be DQed (yum, ice cream… no but seriously).

No drugs allowed around the Gamer’s Den area, but I’m sure you guys know this by now… I hope…

>> Team Rules <<
Guilty Gear AC and 3rd Strike might have a chance at running a 2v2 tournament.
I’m sorry, but I will not be hosting a team Smash Bros tournament.

  • Both team members must use different characters.
  • Stay as the character you have picked, even when you lose.
  • You may switch the order you go anytime you want.
  • Once you have lost once, it is your partners turn. The matches will not be 2 out of 3, they will be singles.
  • Once both team-mates have lost, you will be moved to the losers bracket. Once you’ve lost there… then you’ve lost completely.

>> Location <<
Name: Gamer’s Den
Address: 6410 South Weber Rd
Phone #: (361) 853-5337

Here are pics of the place:
Outside of the Den.
Outside at a closer angle.
Game Room 1.
Game Room 1, but at a different angle.
Game Room 2.

(The place is a bit of a mess, but it will all be cleaned up and ready before the tournament)

If you need a map google location for this place, Click Here.
Please note that if you call them regardless about the tournament they won’t know nothing about the tournament other than the fact that its gonna be hosted there on June 16th. If you need more info on the tournament, please contact me thru AIM or post in this topic.

>> The Fee <<
Entry Fee: $1 per game (only on 3S/SSBM/GGAC, does not effect teams or any other side tournament games)
To Enter: $10 per game
Team Tournaments: $5 per team-mate

The usual prize pot split will go as usual, 70/20/10 (even in teams). The Entry Fee will not add on to the prize pot.
Brackets will be set to somewhat random but to a point where your playing someone you don’t know in the first set.
Brackets will be set at Double Elimination.

Let’s make this tournament the biggest one. Let’s show how big the scene really is.
Support the fighting game community, just join and have fun!

Cool beans, I am in.

with that said i’m there, yo

i can’t be there, so i will channel my energy to you guys instead.


there. g’luck! :tup:

Count me in as usual

nice to see the team tourney official
Il try to bring my crew


Man im so hard on money right now. I gotta pay for classes at the end of this week and my car just went into the shop this morning. Plus my phone bill and car insurance are due for last month. Wow im broke:sad: :sad: :sad:

I got a month and a half to save some money. I really do want to go to this not really for playing but to see the old CC crew and to help you out since you helped me out with a tv at my tournament. Its not really about getting the days off anymore its about getting some cash.

If I can get money count me in. Again Ill let you know towards the end of May. I guess for volunteer you can put me as DEMON_JIM (if he goes).

ST as a side game…$5 entry??


Im gonna ask my mom for money loL! Ill be like im gonna leave for military soon…i might die…i need 15 dollars now.

looking forward to this :tup:
Team DIsAdVanTagE_CharActErS

New games have been added!

–> Marvel vs Capcom 2 (6:30 pm)
–> Capcom Vs SNK 2 (7:00 pm)

These games are now official!

so what “other games” will be including? Any Cvs2?

CvS2 will be one of the few games I won’t add due to how long the game takes even with just a few entries.

Incase I do go when does the place open up or is there a registration start time? I usually get to tournaments early to get casuals in before play.


(GuMz , DJreact)

will be there

TEAM DEADLY GIGAS will be there . (Qro Simply_hugo)

Ill probably team up with Nican Im not sure
I dont have a team mate yet

hey Jim, why dont you ask jive and the others if they will go?
hope this tourney is as exiting as last one and has a nice turnout like BATB

Ah, I forget to add that part.

GD opens around 12 pm, so I should be there around 12:30 pm.
As long as I’m there ill be taking registrations.

His interest was peeked but dont know if he was going. Ill talk to him later about it. If marvel happens im sure some of them will end up going. Not sure who else though.


I managed to somehow get out of paying a bill since it payed itself for me (I have no idea what happened but I aint arguing with it). My chances have increased.

Would anybody from CC be willing to play some ST?


It seems like people are wanting Tekken 5 DR quiet a bit from Corpus… or so I’m told.
With that said, is there any chance someone can provide a PS3 with Tekken 5 DR? If I can get at least 6 people to join, then we got a tournament going.
People want Tekken DR because everyone <3 Crow and wants him to show up… btw I’m kind of serious on that, lol ;p

I’d also like to note 2 things:

  1. I will only be able to host 2 other games (at the most) outside of the games selected on the list from the Any other game section.

  2. Due to shedule issues, there is a small chance that the GG:AC Team portation of the tournament might get canned.

In the end, it all determines how much people show up to this tournament.

hmmm i might be there…HUGO FTW

i need practice =[

Same here. I MIGHT actually join this tourny (if MvC2 is played…not too good at most other games (haven’t played GG since GGXX on PS2…didn’t even know GG:AC was coming to PS2) If I may mention something in your thread, Pozer, since it does kinda pertain to your tourny…when/if I start hosting the tournies I’ll also be needing help cause I’ve never even BEEN to one of these things before (didn’t even know we had them going on in Corpus 'til about 2 months ago)…also, I need to ask you a question about something, Pozer (actually more like your opinion)…I don’t have AIM anymore, so how else may I contact you? E-mail maybe?