June 16th, Final Corpus Tournament Results!

Results are in, check them out!

// 3rd Strike //
Out of 22 players

1st - Dan (Ken)
2nd - Lang (Ken)
3rd - Chris (Chun Li)
4th - Jive (Urien)
4th - Nican (Makoto)
5th - J.D (Yun)
6th - Arturo (???)
7th - Damage (Necro)
7th - Alex (Makoto)

Can’t really make out the brackets too well being that the 2nd page is somewhat separated from the 1st page. Had some help with the brackets, but for the most part I’m not too sure what happened in the 3S tournament. Luckily we were able to mix up the players from page 1 with page 2 once they have lost, but from what I’m reading these seem to be the top 10 results.

// Super Smash Bros Melee //
Out of 9 players

1st - Tarzan
2nd - Cory
3rd - Andy

Is this correct?
I had a friend of mine take over Melee brackets, but half the time he was confused and didn’t know what he was doing. :wasted:
Whatever, its melee, lol

// Guilty Gear: AC //
Out of 24 players

1st - Jan (Pot)
2nd - Kensou (Chipp)
3rd - Pozerwolf (Ky)
5th - Big Bryan (Pot)
5th - Tirian (Ky)

The Brackets got really confusing when I got back to take control.
Once again, had a friend of mine take over for GGAC, and when I came back everything got really confusing. Goddamnitt, Tim :wasted::arazz:
It worked itself out in the end, and Big Bryan, we actually did have to wait until Tirian’s fight was over. Looking thru the brackets, the last part is correct. However, somewhere in-between looked like it just got all confusing.

// Marvel vs Capcom 2 //
Out of 12 players

1st - Magneto X
2nd - Luiz
3rd - Hamm
4th - MonkeySpank
5th - J.D
5th - Danny
7th - BigNasty
7th - Nican
7th - Don

This looks about right, correct me if I’m wrong.
I only setup the MvC2 brackets, someone took over and had no complains. Thanks guy for helping out in the MvC2 section.

// Capcom vs SNK 2 //
Out of 10 players

1st - Legendary Goku
2nd - Jan
3rd - Surf
4th - Jive
5th - Nican
7th - Skip
7th - Arturo

Like MvC2, someone took over and it seemed like I had no complains coming in. I believe Legendary Goku took over the brackets and it seems like everyone ran fan. Thanks alot, man!
Also, WTF this game took forever with just 10 people >_<

// 3rd Strike Teams //
Out of 8 teams

1st - Team Banhmi (Chris “Chun Li”/ Lang “Ken”)
2nd - Team Peanut M&Ms (Jive “Urien”/ Alex E “Makoto”)
3rd - Team Text Messages (J.D “Yun”/ Nican “Makoto”)
4th - Team DotA
5th - Team Ram Ron
5th - Team Jewel Man Co.
7th - Team Max Hard
7th - Team Beef

Teams were great, thanks alot.
And thanks for Q for helping me the whole 2 mins with these brackets, lol ;p
I should’ve let you take over for GG:AC’s brackets.

Thanks for the show up Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Harligen, Brownsvile, and even Mexico. The tournament was a great turn out.

Luiz - Perty cool seeing you man, too bad we didn’t have more time to chat ;p
Magneto X - Holy shit, I’m surprised as fuck you showed up… as well as other Houston peeps.
Kensou - Thanks for coming by my tournament, and if plans on moving to Austin does work out for me, you bet your ass I’ll hit by Planet Zero quiet often.
Jan - Crazy Pot you got there, I’ll get my revenge next tournament :wink:
Austin guys - WTF, you know who you are. And lol @ Chad.
Killy - Thanks for helping advertise this event, oddly enough I didn’t see many non-SRK Corpus guys at all. I guess they were afraid (talking about the random scrubs we had last time)?
J.D - Why you playing Russian? You gotta be safe, lol.
Jive - Great seeing you man, thanks for showing up and help out. Also, nice job slipping in a Tekken 5 DR tournament in there. Can’t believe they finished in time.
Hamm - Thanks for bringing in the MvC2 gear.
MonkeySpank - Samething with you, you guys made MvC2 happen.

It was a great turn out, and it was a nice tournament overall.
Had fun seeing you guys, and its time for me to lvl up my GGAC skills. Didn’t practice too much because I didn’t think anyone good would show up, boy was I wrong (my fault of course).

Thanks for all the support!

Go Damage :slight_smile:

wheres Nican on the 3s results?
When the pages were mixed up I got confused
when I lost I thought I was one match away from the loosers finals

but then the other page got mixed up and Nican played for that spot
Jive lost in the same round I did, the brackets were all messep up cause Jive was supposed to play Lang I thinl.

The thing is that if Im right, then Nican got 4th and Jive and I tied for 5th

Now Im thinkin yeah the 3s brackets got mixed up, anyway, I think the complee result were something like this then

3s Top 8
1st - Dan (Ken)
2nd - Lang (Ken)
3rd - Chris (Chun Li)
4th - Nican (Makoto)
5th - J.D (Yun)
5th - Jive (Urien)
7th - Damage (Necro)
7th - Alex E (Makoto)

3rd Strike Teams
Out of 8 teams

1st - Team Banhmi (Chris “Chun Li”/ Lang “Ken”)
2nd - Team Peanut M&Ms (Jive “Urien”/ Alex E “Makoto”)
3rd - Team Text Messages (J.D “Yun”/ Nican “Makoto”)

Dont remember the other teams

Im happy you guy’s had the tourney! It’s alway’s awesome to see gamer’s in small area’s with limited guy’s host something like this and really get it together. Everyone helped and it was great seeing new people and great seeing all my boy’s from Houston and Brownville. Thx for Hosting Pozer, when ever you have another I will definitely make it possible for me to be there.

Take care guy’s!

I had a lot of fun. GGs to MAG-X. You’re a beast, Chris!

Props to pozer for the tourny. :slight_smile:

I see it now.
Actually, Jive was one spot ahead of you. And yeah, I overlooked Arturo who seemed to have tied with you in 5th.

Thanks for the props.
No idea when and where my next tournament will be, but I’m not done hosting tournament just yet ;p

Damn I wish I could of been there :(. Good shit to the players from down south doing well. Im surprised marvel had that few people and a bigger surprise that smash was so small. Oh well hopefully these dont stop cause pozerwolf is leaving cause id like to make it out to one these tournies in the future.


so shouldnt i be in 9th too, since killy lost won won lost. And i lost won won lost?
Killy 1st-Dont know the guy,killy lost( i think Jive)
Killy 2nd-Qro,killy won
killy 3rd-sunny, killywon
killy 4th-JD, killy lost

1st-sunny, I lost
2nd-Dalipower,I won
3rd-derrick,I won
4th-lang,I lost

And Max Heart, not hard -.-

GG’s to all was fun

gg’s, it was lots of fun

bizarro-brackets own me

you guys are pretty cool- come to houston sometime

…team peanut m&m’s

I just took out 9th place all together.
Looking at the brackets, I’m going all “blehhhhh” :wasted:

The brackets were hella confusing, but it was still a fun tournament. Nice playing everyone who I did.

Btw, we randomly threw a Tekken DR tourney that had 16 people. I believe top 3 was:

  1. Surf and Destroy (Kuma)
  2. KingMishima (Heihachi)
  3. Magneto-X (Feng/Anna)

By any chance would you know the full results?

<3 Team Peanut M&Ms ;p

GGs to everyone on 3s. If and when theres another tourney at the den you bet your silver dollar im bringing the heat with Necro again. Looking foward to playing you guys sometime soon I hope.:tup:

thats cool, something messed up somewhere but i would think tirian should have been guaranteed 3rd since he was in the winners finals… but whatevs its all good thanks for havin us i had fun =)

3s team finals was tight!

edit: next time instead of using a page and a half of brackets just stretch the people out over the 2 pages and give a bunch of bys first round

CvS2 took a long time because we did loser bracket 2/3. And it seemed like EVERY loser match went to that 3rd match. Should’ve really done the loser bracket single game, but its a lesson learned. Thanks for holding CvS2. =)

Edit : And thanks to everyone who came to the tournament and entered CvS2.

:wgrin:both of my matches went to the third game

Tournament was great. Team 3S was tight. It was cool meeting the Corpus crew. Nice seeing the Houston crew again. We must do this again sometime. 3S team finals were crazy. Anybody who missed them missed out big.

team peanut m&m’s…

Jive Out!

good shit houston, chris and luiz

great turn out at the touney, everything was cool, except that nican and I drove for like 3 hours to play on the second match :sad:

had a great time you guys!
by the way…my teammate was hung. not lang.

jive. ur charge partitionz r teh secks. good shit!
alex. send em to the moon!
jd.nican. good games! i think nican wanted the team name to be tex mex…i was there when he said it…
pozer. learn how to make brackets! thanks for hosting! nice ky!
corpus. thanks for having us!

good games everyone! hopefully i can make it out to trashday 3 to play with you all again!