[June 2, 2012] The Box Arena - EVO 2012 ToL Qualifier


We are happy to announce that The Box Arena will be joining as a TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS qualifier!

When we expanded the finals to 32 back in February, we had made plans to run a qualifier at Team Madcatz Championships in San Diego, which was scheduled to take place last weekend. After the announcement last week that TMC would be postponed until after EVO, we were approached by Box Arena to move the qualifier to their location at Frubble.

Frank Fresh, the director at Box Arena is an avid ST fan and Box Arena became the perfect choice to replace TMC, as Frank wants to be a part of the ST revival, they are the premiere fighting game group in San Diego and the qualifier remains in SoCal, as originally planned.

The Box Arena qualifier will take place on Saturday, June 2 at 2PM. The qualifiers will be $20 to enter and is standard ST tournament format:

Double elmination.
3 out of 5 games.
Akuma is banned.

The Box Arena has plans to stream the qualifiers at http://www.twitch.tv/theboxarena


I will try to make it out. Should be a blast.


Now’s your time, Papercut!


You better win this Papercut, you got WAY too close at the Super Arcade qualifiers, if anybody can make it to the big show it’s you.


I’ll try my best bro, but this is ST, anything can happen.


So can this.



I’m going to try to make it to this since I missed the qualifier at Super Arcade.


You got this. All papercut knows is how to fight Ryu. He has 0 exp vs other characters. Even Ken can beat him.


look at this big ass hater lolol


Evil Nemesis… Shit just got real.

This is our first encounter, but it won’t be our last.


This is our match for the title of Champion of the Universe where he defended his title for the 2nd time. I eventually took the title back, but that match wasn’t recorded.


Nemesis, our battle will be on a level of epicness that hasn’t been seen before. It needs to be held in a venue appropriate for its grandiosity, like a stadium or something.


Bump. Who’s going so far?


I might go. It been about a year since I touched this game. And just about three since I played it seriously. I certainly am no legend. So, I expect to get rolled…But, I love the game.


Possibly going, depending on me and Tania’s schedule for that weekend.


Fatboy is going. We’re going to get him in tournament shape after this weekend! :wink:

Someone from up north better show up so it’s not just us San Diegans!


Several of us are interested in going, we just gotta work out the carpool situation.

Not going to lie, I’m primarily willing to drive down there just to get some experience against Kuroppi and Zaspacer. I feel too comfortable in those matchups, and I need someone to make me think otherwise.


When I whip out my secret character, people are going to start pulling on my face to see if I’m someone else wearing the Mission Impossible mask disguised as me.

Inside joke. Only Kuroppi knows what I’m talking about. :wink:




Ok, I’m closing this tab before the thread self-destructs in 3… 2…


I like how in ghost protocol the phone doesn’t self destruct properly and Tom Cruise has to go back and tap the phone to make it blow up. I thought that was clever.