[June 22, 2013] Injustice and TekkenTag2 Singles Tourneys @SuperArcade (Walnut, CA) 5:00PM PST

you know us for WNF, you love us for TRB, but we are in there supporting the entire competitive scene! on the weekend of June 22nd we will be running 2 tourneys. Injustice and Tekken Tag 2! come join the fun and make those final tune ups for EVO so you dont get smoked at the big tourney!

Location : Super Arcade
1211 N Grand Ave
Walnut, CA 91789

Injustice format : Single Player
Double Elimination
best 2/3 games
5pm start time

Tekken Tag 2 : Single Player
Double Elimination
best 2/3 games
6pm start time

tourney entry fee is $10 for 1 game $15 to enter both
$5 to the pot for each game
$5 to the venue (1-time fee)

I know you guys are lazy on saturdays so if we fill a 16-man for each of these games (which should be a cakewalk) I will be throwing in a prize to give out to a random participant who entered. follow us on twitter at @SuperDojo for the latest updates.

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