June 24th 2006 Fairfield Tilt Tourney

Tilt tourney on June 24th!

Sign ups start at noon and end at 3:30 p.m.

$5 evtry fee plus single token play

Pay outs: 70/20/10


( there will be an extra $50 thrown into the pot for 1st and second Placre finnisher player to split so that we can have a hard fought final match Kudos to Stiltman for setting this up)
3rd strike ( 2 on 2)

DDR ( I dot know how to run a DDR tourney so I need someone from tilt who knows how to to do it.)
Project Justice

Tilt Info:

1372B Travis Blvd
Fairfield, CA 94533
(707) 426-5444


damn, well I’m in. need help running 3s again let me know, that game goes quick!

I might be there this time, i dunno. I just feel like taking a break from tournaments until evo.

lol well like always im going to be there but i wont play hahahaha

Shit dude i wanna go to the main even with you. hit me up in case you are going.

hey a ddr and a pj tourney would be nice to have there this tourney or some gurls would be nice for the next tourney

guess i might go again… 23rd is my birthday so i’ll have money to spend.

well happy bday if i dont see you but most likely ill see you

I’ll be there. I hope to be in better practice by that time. At least enough that I won’t be getting ill when I watch videos of myself inexcusably blowing leads.

Okay, here’s what I’m going to do.

I will personally front $50 for the MvC2 tournament pot, to be split between the first and second place finishers. I’m not sure of the exact split I’ll use, but I will be giving it out seperately from the regular entry fees.

I have one absolute, immutable, non-negotiable condition for handing out this money:


Thus, if you walk away and split your shares of the entry fees, then the shares of the entry fees (and nothing more) is exactly what you’ll get. If you want the chunk of the extra $50, you must play the match, and you must play it for keeps. I’m not going to pay the money to watch you screw around.

I don’t care if the two finalists know each other. I don’t care if one of them thinks they’re going to get pwned for free. I don’t care if they think they’re too broke to play, because I can do math and know that the money I’m going to put up to see the match is going to give both of them a share that’s at least around five times what it’ll cost to play it. That is, in fact, precisely the idea. If, for any reason, the grand finals does not get played in a fashion that I think is the finalists’ best effort (and I won’t be a jerk about it, $50 is not that much money to me), the money does not get paid. It is that simple.

i cant smoke b4 this tourney so can we all get some head from some gurl?

Damn Stilt you really wanna see some action huh. I Bet if you throw that fifty out there. Not just players from around here are gonna come, But their momma’s aswell:rofl:

oh momma’s i like milf’s

Thats the best idea…I agree 100%:tup:

Well, I’m a believer that for the people who pay the money, they’re not merely paying to play, they’re also paying to see the best players. Think about it. What do tournament organizers advertise when they’re setting up a big tournament? Do they advertise the prize money? Not really, that’s an assumption, and most of the people who go are never going to see it and know that in advance. So what else is drawing people to come?

You got it. They’re coming for the show. They want to see the main event. That’s part of what they’re paying for, it’s part of the social contract that goes into tournaments. Somewhere in there, that got lost by the wayside. I never saw it happen much in the northwest. Row and Kuan had each other’s phone numbers but they never took our money and ran, they knew people were coming from all over the northwest and sometimes Canada to see a good fight and they delivered. When Drew-Dub and I carpooled out to Kennewick and took the top two spots in their tournament, we fought hard and took the grand finals to two sets, and the locals loved seeing it and didn’t feel that we cheated them by showing up to their tournament a bit, because we delivered a good show for the finals for the money we were getting for it.

In this tournament, people came around from all over northern California, and they didn’t get a finals. I don’t know if that’s a common occurence down here, but it’s really, really wrong. It breaks the honor agreement between tournament players and the people who are winning their money. We’re paying the money. Most of us don’t really expect to see it again. But we want to see you put on a show if you want to have it from us. If you don’t deliver, then you’re scamming us, in a way.

However, if you feel like this is a major imposition to actually play a finals, I’m coming up with a new idea for how to motivate you. If you still want to take the entry fees and run, go ahead. Knock yourselves out. But here’s $50 more on the table (which is not much money to me, but it’s a significant boost to the probable tournament pot) that you’ll be leaving behind by doing so. If you don’t want it, I’m not stealing it from anyone else by simply keeping it. But if you want it, those are my terms. Give us a fucking show. That’s part of what we’re here for.

How this concept evolves over time, I don’t know. Maybe we should find a way to put a part of the tourney fees in escrow, payable only upon play of a satisfactory finals, and if you don’t play it, part of your share gets refunded back to the other players who got cheated out of the show. It’ll be hard to enforce that, though, because a bunch of them might leave and it’ll be hard to find them and give their money back. So putting a bonus over the tourney pot might be a better way to do it. If someone else in the community wants to help front the cash, I won’t complain, but as I said, $50 isn’t much to me so I won’t scream bloody murder if I’m the only one putting it up. I care enough about a community I’m a part of getting a real finals instead of being scammed by people just showing up for the money and running once they’ve got it. If somebody in the tournament organization wants to come up with another way to motivate finalists to play and save me the trouble, I can work with that too, but this is my proposal for now.

$50 for a real finals, zero if you refuse to play. It’s not a bad bargain for a gamer to play for it.

I respect, and for the most part agree with your opinion Stilts. For the people who enter the tournament who don’t place, watching some good matches for the duration of the tournament including finals matches is the least they could get for a consolation prize. But I do think the people who get top 2 have the right to just split the prize if they wanted to. Sure, it sucks, but it’s still their choice. What happened at the previous tourney isn’t THAT common. I have seen it happen at a couple of other tournies I been to in PacNorth, I’m sure it happens in other regions too though. But anyway, I’m sure your $50 proposal is more than enough to ensure that whoever makes it to finals actually play it out. Most players would have probably played it anyway. But in certain cases, perhaps like the previous tourney, if two people who would just take the money and run because they made top two played out finals matches due to your bonus prize, matches they originally would not have played, you will just have been giving away money to players who don’t deserve it.

Okay. Visualize something for me, if you will.

Picture Justin Wong and Duc Do, for instance, making it to the grand finals at Evo in a few months… and simply decided to walk away with the money and split it and refused to play.

What do you think would happen?

More to the point, what do you think the odds are that either one of them would get out of the building alive?

There would be a riot, and justifiably so. Many of the people going to that tournament will have paid hundreds of dollars to be there, because they want to see those guys play live and in person. If they don’t deliver, they’d be tarred and feathered and I wouldn’t shed a single tear. They have a moral obligation to deliver on what people came to see, for the trouble they took to be there and the time they’re taking to stick around and the money they paid to contribute to the pot that those guys came for.

It’s only different for a local tournament in degree. It’s not a trivial drive for me to go out to Fairfield from Novato. There are other things I could do with an entire Saturday afternoon. There are other things the guys from Sacramento could be doing when they drive out, and it’s an even bigger drive for them than it is for me. We don’t want to take that drive just to be robbed of the show.

I know of exactly one instance in the northwest where the tournament finalists gave anything less than their best. And they heard it from the entire state for weeks and knew that it wasn’t going to be appreciated again. Hell, we start instituting rules mandating them to play the finals on a serious level. It’s simply a matter of honor that you play the match instead of treating it like a scam on everybody else who entered.

And frankly, I don’t care whether the people would have played the match otherwise or are deserving. That’s what I’m putting the money up for, to make sure of that. I’d rather just handcuff them to the machine until they deliver if they’re not normally willing to, but that might not go over as well, so I’m doing what I see as a community service to assure that there will indeed be a finals. Hell, maybe more people will show up to the tournament knowing that (a) there’ll be that much money at stake, and (b) there’ll be a finals worth watching. Which, incidentally, aren’t things I’m going to be too upset about either.

I see your point, and like I said, I pretty much agree with you. To walk out on the finals at a tournament of Major caliber is of course blasphemous. To do that at a local monthly where the turnout is lucky to be just over 10 people sucks, yes, but makes sense if they actually were counting on making some kind of return on investment which is also a legit reason to enter a tournament other than love and respect for the fighting game community. Of course, that shouldn’t be a problem anymore with your generous proposition. However, I would much rather see those guys not play the finals and have angry competitors tar and feather them instead of them playing finals and being rewarded 50 bucks, but that’s just me. :wink:

I agree with Stiltman 100%.

can i just get payed to look sexy and talk to the females hahahaha