June 24th - Planet Zero Anime Center Presents: Texas Regional Rebirth!

Texas Regional Rebirth
sponsored by SGP Racing, Gamestop, Smoothie King, Edwards Cinemas, and Planet Zero Anime Center

Saturday June 24th, 2006

Planet Zero Anime Center
12303-J Westheimer
Houston, TX 77077

Games Played:


Marvel vs Capcom 2
Capcom vs SNK 2

Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike
Guilty Gear XX Slash

Tekken DR
Soul Calibur 3

Double Elimination
Best 2 out of 3 games

Grand Finals will be best 3 out of 5 games

Registration Fee:
$10 or free with a $20 Planet Zero card purchase*

*Simply purchase a new Planet Zero card and put $20 on it, or recharge your current PZ card and put $20 on it in order to have the Registration fee waived.

Entry Fee:
$10 per tournament

1st $200 + $50 Gamestop GC, $20 Smoothie King GC, TS6 Poster
2nd $65 + $10 Smoothie King GC
3rd $35 + $5 Smoothie King GC*

Prizes are subject to change based on attendance. In other words, the more people that enter, the bigger the prizes could be. So bring your friends and force them into playing!!

This is the first Regional tournament we’ve held since Texas Showdown 6! Time to come on out and brush off the rust before Evo!!!

No CVS2(r.i.p.)? Or Mario Kart DS?!?!??? :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:

And yay@sponsors. Thanks in advance to all of those people+Ranma.

Finally a new tournament:) Any idea what time the tournament will “roughly” start? Are you guys doing a professional DVD too or can people just take their camcorders and record and post the matches?

A special edition of the 3S ranking battle will also be held in conjuntion with this event.

Awesome and its on a perfect weekend (My B-DAY, 25th). Can’t wait.

What kinda of sticks are the cabinets? I remember reading somewhere that most if not all the cabs are jap style. Anybody shed some light on this for me.


hi. i like to mash in tournament.

Awww damn, I thought the next regionals was going to be in July.

Grrrr… hope I can make it to this one.

Pretty sure they are Perfect 360s.

They are all jap sticks. Although i hear some are square gate some are octagon gate.

Even Marvel is gonna be jap sticks? Ugh I dont like jap sticks hard for me to use. Lets see if I can get used to them in a month, time to switch sticks. Assuming I go I gotta get used to the jap sticks.


sigh, well have fun guys…ill forcibly be in puerto rico starting the 16th, so i get to miss all the fun…woo…

Is MvC2 going to be on jap sticks or on an American Cabinet?

And what happen to CvS2?

practice up everybody, this is hot!

i think! ill have to be sure

we will have to get an official answer from john but i belive he was gonna put marvel in a american cab.

Could I get starting time for the tournaments? I’m interested in coming, but I’d like to know so I can know ahead of time when I should be in town.

its not like u will on either cab against me… muwahaha :rofl:

Looking forward to this one now.

My one request to John is please PLEASE take all the Octagon gates out of the fighting game cabinets. You have one right now on the 1-player side of KOF XI and I’m not sure about your other games, but octagon gates do not belong in fighting games. EVERYONE was having trouble playing on that cabinet during the last 3S tourney we came down for.

Along the lines of fubarduck, I’d also request making sure all the sticks are similar to each other.

When I was playing the KOF XI tournament last time, one side had a hard spring and the other had a soft spring, and I always jumped on the soft-spring side because of my preference. Both players should have an equal footing when it comes in terms of controls.

MvC2 will be on American cabinets