June 5&6 Durham NC, Multi Game Tournament

Figured I’d post the results up for anyone that cares, since they still haven’t put them up yet. Here they be, and yes I realize the majaority of these aren’t SNs, this is just straight from the webiste, if you wanna come in here and say who you were and where you placed, feel free-

1st: Glory Lin
2nd: Kevin Michael
3rd: Erik Peterson

Guilty Gear X2
1st: Charles Smith
2nd: Balke Manseur
3rd: Wayne Cosby

Soul Calibur II
1st: x_Samurai_x
2nd: Wayne Cosby
3rd: Daniel Tilgner

King Of Fighters (cancelled)

Samurai Showdown 2
1st: Ed Wood
2nd: Rob Masten
3rd: Lucious Clayton

Day 2 Winners

SVC Chaos
1st: Rob Masten
2nd: Ed Wood
3rd: Erik Peterson

Marvel vs Capcom 2
1st: Shaun banks
2nd: Dee Boggess
3rd: Eric P

Tekken 4
1st: Shaun C.
2nd: Darrel Kemp
3rd: Lucious Clayton

Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves
1st: Lucious Clayton
2nd: Rob M.
3rd: Steve

Street Fighter 3
1st: Lobo
2nd: Lucious Clayton
3rd: Shaun

Damn Maxi’s:( :frowning: gotowned

Charles smith would be me. Good job to everyone. Thanks SamX for putting up a results thread.

Holy shit, I can’t believe how badly they managed to mutilate my name. How hard is it to spell Blake Mansour?

Anyway, good shit, everything was hella fun. Hope we can do it again soon.


Thanks to everybody involved that helped make this past weekend’s tourney a reality/success.

$12 for a single game = a little steep for my taste, but it’s nice to know that there’s a venue available. The Gamefrog people said things went fairly smoothly, which bodes well for future efforts.

Congrats to the winners…



I hated seating in those couches to play, it was either sunken in (outer) or hard (inner). I learned to run brackets, but I think we should go round robin next time since it’s console anyway (see nc thread).

Um there could have been some input given as far as what games would be put in tournament. I wonder if it’s possible to set up impromptu tournies provided you have enough people, the game, the space, the time available. I’m sure some would have maybe played in some ss3/4/5, ttt, and turbo tournies. Who knows. Of course, the signing up thing would be a bit more complex since they’d have to collect the money as you have them, but I don’t think it would be too much work.

Also it would have been good to split sc2 and ggxx on separate days so you bitches would show up on the 2nd day -_- All the games we’re trying to get new players in, should go first before 3s and cvs2, which already has its player base, ie ss2.

PS - I thought it was manseur too cuz your o was too skinny and small. Chalk it up to your handwriting, man-sore :stuck_out_tongue:

PPS - Next time, maybe call it an NC tourny, mayhaps more people would come.

Can u change the marvel name i used(shaunrick vanhelsing).Can u change it to shaun banks and put (shaunrick vanhelsing) as my screen name.Also the top 3 are wrong. I got 1st,Dee Boggess got 2nd and Eric P. got 3rd place.So can u fix that please.Holla back when u guys might put up the videos.Thanks

glory taking first:D i knew that was coming


is abviously me :smiley:

No problem. Seemed like no one was gonna do it and I wanted someone to see that we actually won something, lol.

And Edmundantes, I would like to get into some of the other games. CvS2, 3rd Strike, and a few others are all looking good. PLus me and Bloody Yukata are on a quest to get people playing Naruto 2 Competitively. Maybe we could have it as a free tournament at the next one or like… a 2 dollar entry fee just to get people playing it :smiley:

And SS5 would have made me happy but everyone hates that game. Oh well…there’s some input for you.

Well, just wanted to say I had a good time playing at gamefrog. Had a good yet disappointing showing in chaos and cvs2 respectively for my tastes. CvS2 was really fun and I had some great matches with numerous opponents. Just wish I could have closed out my winners finals match, but oh well. Just more motivation for next time. Chaos, though I had a surprisingly good time and showing. Had some real good sets with both Edward and Rob which felt pretty competetive. Won’t mind trying my hand at that again.

Anyways, I had a great time there, met some new people, and had some great matches. Hope it can happen again.

Peace and congrats to all you bastards that finished 2 spots higher than me :stuck_out_tongue: :cool:

good shit shaun n dee

was there an ok turnout?

i’ll try to be at the next one…TRY lol

Good Job 4 winning… how many people come for mavel? If the Athen’s tourment wasnt last week, i would have came to NC tourment!!!:smiley:

I think Marvel had 10 entrants, if I’m not mistaken.

CvS2 was the biggest draw with, like, 19 headz.

good job.:slight_smile:

I enjoyed this tourney alot and I hope you guys do it again. I met alot of really good players in Durham and I hope to play you guys again in the near future.

Glory owns u all;)

I would be “Steve”, who finished third in Mark of the Wolves.

That MotW round-robin was real fun. A lot more game tournies should be like that :cool:

Lots of fun with casual play, bring your own stick/pad + console tournies= goodness :smiley:

Some KoF, Alpha, Vampire Savior and Pocket/Puzzle Fighter would be kickass next time.

But still, easily the best gaming of my life. Be proud, Durham.

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Hey lobo, I know Edward and Lu taped your finals, they might be able to help you out.

By the way I had a fun time at the tourneys. Its definitely a nice place to hold it, the staff was great. Hope that something like this can happen again.


so can any one hook me up with the footage PLEASE with a cherry on top:(