June 5&6 Durham NC, Multi Game Tournament


Stop acting like you’ll never win a tourny ever again, so you have to get the footage. :stuck_out_tongue: I told you to talk to gamefrog (www.gamefrogcafe.com), they’re the ones who recorded it. I seriously doubt neither edward nor lucious would have it.


tat who told me tat they had it.

tats where the qoute came from, from the gamefrog form

You know how I do it, I can’t be leaving NC without representing :slight_smile:

We’ll really have to do something like this again. I really enjoyed myself playing games, which is a first in quite some time :slight_smile:

As for the video footage, I’m not sure who owns it, all I know is that I was watching it over at Rob’s after both nights with Edward and/or Lucious. So my suggestion Miguel is to talk to gamefrog first I guess, and if they don’t have it then Lucious or Edward should or vice versa. One of those 2 sources will have the footage that you want :wink:


when you comming to f.ville i want a shot at the champ :slight_smile:

Yep you ain’t champ yet son ;).

Hopefully Glory will come down this weekend. Now you have to try and get your punkass off of FFXI and come down too.

I’m gonna try to go this saturday, if not next one for sure. I gotta slap my bitch james around a few times before I leave :slight_smile:

Taking all money game offers this Saturday! :slight_smile: :). Nah, but really we need to get some games in before you leave, probably will be a long time before we get to play eachother after that. Try and make it this Saturday though, next Saturday lots of ppls going to Durham for that thingy.

i got 10 on james. sidebets anyone?:cool:

i got 20.00 on james

same hehe. ok, so me and ghettoize got 20 on james. anybody betting against us?

I’m not gonna bet against you, just not gonna bet with you. Hopefully I can make it down there sometime so y’all can bet on me :smiley:

Ya it has been a while since I have seen you, you should come down, will be fun.

Sweet i get to beat on Lord Doom like old times hehhheh