First Sunday’s @ “Bandits” SSFIV Action!!!

WHERE? —BANDITS BAR 1st and denny ( across from Champions sorta.) SEATTLE
WHAT?—Hang out and play SSFIV of course.
WHO?—21 and over SSFIV players
CATCH?—Sorry guys i need to make a 2 drink minumum. its all good baby.

EMAIL ME FOR QUESTIONS AT Masazama@GMAIL.COM:hitit::hitit::hitit::

Can’t wait man. This is on PS3, right?

Ps3 setups correct. Awe the good ol’ days.


ahh bandits was awesome when i went there once im definitely down to come out to this

very cool, looking forward to it. btw, what time does it start?

Fuck, this sounds like a blast.

8pm till close.

Beer and Queso fueled Street Fighting is always a Blast!!!

Confirmed “Anna” the lovely bartender picked up Sunday night . Kraingkai, I expect you too take off your shirt. Matt and Adam get wicked drunk, Paul eat some tamales, happy stick be tall and kervin show up early. I hope all of you make it out and have some fun at Bandits again.

Masando…You and Future are gonna laugh your asses off when you see me next week…I finally understand that I’m crazy.

Crazy? Can’t be more crazy then my ass but alright. I am praying this is the mashin’ Mex cause if he shows up that would be Boss!!! I can’t figure out who you are man!!!

I bet it’s Gieft.

I’m pretty sure that’s samson.

I’m def down for this. Always had a good time when I went.

Hhahahahha that’s a safe bet. Nice.

Hope you can make it out mike! It’s a reunion!

I’m trying to go and make it my first time. :smiley:

Next week kids!

Profound sadness @this not being a week later = (

Work Sunday nights so can’t make this unfortunately, but Bar Fights are awesome. Good work HSP.

Go afterwards. We will be there to 2am.