[June 8-9,2013] NORTHWEST MAJORS V [Des Moines, WA]


Northwest Majors V makes it’s return to Highline Community College on June 8-9 and will feature some of the best Fighting Game Players in the Pacific Northwest.

Full Event Information can be found here - http://northwestmajors.com/

Registration is open today until June 1st at the rate of $35, in addition to online fees and actual game registration.

Northwest Majors V will be featuring the following games

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v.2012
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Persona 4 Arena
Mortal Kombat
Tekken TAG Tournament 2
The King of Fighters 13
Street Fighter x Tekken
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (ST Games Qualifying Match. 3/5 singles and ratio event)
Injustice: Gods Among Us
Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown
Super Smash Brothers Melee Singles and Teams

Venue: Highline Community College
Highline Student Union
2400 S. 240 St.
Des Moines, WA 98198-9800

Currently there are two special events planned for the Friday before the event.

The finals to the Pacific Northwest Road to Evolution 2013 tournament

For more information on the Pacific Northwest Road to Evolution 2013: Go here http://northwestmajors.com/pnwr2e


Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v.2012 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 3v3 Team events.

For more information on the Teams Events: Please go here: http://northwestmajors.com/ae2012-and-umvc3-team-tournaments




Is the ratio tournament best 2/3 or 3/5? The rules states that character order doesn’t matter like in marvel 2…


no pot bonuses?


so pumped!


What happened to the 3v3 Super Turbo event?

Also, if anybody wants to go to a casino then I know some perfect places. They have an old school arcade feel to them as well; they are Macau, Chips/Palace, and Great American.


Hey everyone,

This is SRK|UW Darryn, if you liked what you saw or want to get more involved with the seattle scene, follow me on twitter @koreanjak. I'll start posting whenever there is a tourney in seattle or if i'm training for evo! Thanks to all who watched nwm!!


Northwest Majors IX (April 7-9, 2017)

Can someone change the thread title to the above: