[June 8th] Ultimate Montreal Air Dashers

It was hype last year, it should be even bigger this year… Announcing Ultimate Montreal Air Dashers

Presented by :


**When **: June 8th
**Where **: Foonzo, 1245 Drummond, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. H3G 1V8 http://foonzo.com
Venue info :
You must be 18 or older to enter the venue. NO EXCEPTIONS (legal age for drinking etc. is 18 in Quebec)
You must buy food at the venue as well. Whether it’s alcohol, nachos, poutine, sandwiches…Foonzo will even have a special menu for events! You cannot eat outside food or drinks inside the venue too.

Main Tournaments :
Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus
Persona 4 Arena

Side Tournaments :
Gundam EXVS 2v2
Melty Blood
KoF 13
Arcana Heart 3
Chaos Code
Vampire Savior

Schedule :
10 AM venue opens
2 PM Blazblue
5 PM Persona 4
7 PM Guilty gear
X AM venue closes

Stream :

Rules :
2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches, loser can switch character, format will be 4 pools followed by top 8, 70/20/10, no unlimited/gold/etc… the usual rules.

Venue fee : 10$
Main games : 10$

Additional info / FAQ :
This tournament is held in Canada, therefore, if you are not Canadian, you will need a passport to enter the country Look into asap if you are interested in, these can take a while to get done. You might want to bring Canadian money, but you can alternatively just go to an ATM over here, or pay with your card.
Also, when travelling to another country, your cellphones/smartphones enter roaming and additionnal charges will be applied for anything you do with them. Best idea is to turn off your data and we’ll see what we can do about the wifi at the venue.
Will I be OK if I don’t speak French? Yes, lots of people in Montreal don’t even speak French.
The event is only one day, why? We’ll be having Foonzo all to ourselves on Saturday. All the other days, if people want to show up and play casuals, we will be there anyways! If enough people show up on Sunday or Friday, we could run teams or exhibition matches .(note, closed on mondays)
Will I need to bring a jacket? Depends on you, temperature in June here is somewhere between 68 and 86 degrees. (that’s 20-30 celsius)
Are you working on a group rate for a hotel? Not at the moment, there are a lot of hotels nearby since the venue is downtown. If you’re on a tight budget try asking if anyone wants to offer a place to crash, you never know.
How is the parking around Foonzo? There’s a parking lot right next to it, costs 20$ or so per day.
How do I get to Foonzo from the airport? There’s a 24/7 bus that passes often (http://www.stm.info/english/bus/planibus/747.pdf), it goes from the airport to downtown, there’s a stop about 1 minute walking distance from foonzo. Costs 8$ and generally offers free wifi.
How do I get to Foonzo from the train station? It’s a 15 minute walk.
How do I get to Foonzo from the bus terminus? Depends, with megabus, it’s a 10 minute walk. With greyhound, it’s either a 30 min walk, or you need to taxi/public transit/get a ride from someone.
When’s Marvel? In the back there might be a cabinet with it for you to play.
When’s Gundam? [S]Last year it wasn’t great because of its impact on the stream, so for now it might just be a single offline setup. (might change)[/S] YES
Anything I need to know about driving in Montreal? You can’t turn right on red lights, tie your seatbelt, speed limits are in KM/h so learn the equivalences, beware of potholes, avoid the giant orange cones, and don’t drink and drive.
Can I help? Sure! We’ll need people to run the pools, check the door, and bring equipment. You can also help just by spreading the word so as much people as possible make it to this!
Why should I come? http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?14032-Montreal-Air-Dashers-(Apr-14-2012)-Results-and-Shoutouts!