June 9th Fight in Portland

Wassup Yall

          I know its been awhile but yeah i have another fight. Its going down at the Roseland Theater, June 9th! You can buy tickests at www.Ticketswest.com. Look for Rumble at the Roseland 28! You can look at the Fight Card www.thefcff.com! This fight is definatly going to happen. I know the guy and have talked to him in the past. So i REALLY dont see him getting scared and backing out like the rest. The dude im fighting is 3-2! He is 6'5 and around 230lbs. he suppose to be a striker but i think i got him there. I know im faster on my feet and with my hands. Honestly im looking to submit him because i haven't dont that in a while! This should be a big card and a big fight. For some reason alot of people have me losing this fight and are betting against me, but its really whatever to me! They will figure it out soon enough.

So Just to review:

Who: Jetay Barber "raishinken"vs Jake Richmond @ Rumble @ the Roseland 28

What: Full Contact Fighting Fedration’s Rumble at the Roseland

Where: Roseland Theater in downtown Portland! Doors should open @ 7

When: June 9th, 2007 fights start at 8:00 pm

Tickets: www.ticketswest.com or at the door but i wouldnt risk that. Im thinking this is gonna be another sold out event. tickets usually are $26.00, so yeah its not much for atleast 15 fights and a couple title fights. You can buy them at Safeway as well!

Stay up people, you should come through! Enjoy the Show!

Someday I’m gonna make it to one of your fights Jetay.

:wow: I never knew you were in FCFF. Awesome :tup:

I won’t be going but good luck.

raishinken, dawg your sav! lol!


Do you ever fight up here in Washington? It seems like there is always some mma event at the supermall up here, I believe it is called “Brawl at the Mall”. Maybe once you beast everyone down there you could take on some of the heavy weights up here.

Good luck.

so for those of us who could not make it, jetay how did you’re fight go? i’m sure you did well.

What happened? Inquiring minds want to know.

You can read the details here:


A lot of that thread is about the Jetay fight.

Mad props to Jetay for putting on a great fight (I wasn’t there, so that’s what I heard) and also putting out an honorable post about the match in that thread.

He deserves a lot of respect.


I can’t wait for Jetay to post here about the fight because a lot of the shit he told me was straight up crazy.

Just read that thread at FCFF, good shit Jetay. I’m kinda bummed I’ve never gone to a fight of yours, this one sounded real bomb too. It’s too bad about the decision but it sounds like you messed him up anyway.

Sounds like you had a good match, sucks about the decision not going your way and I have to say by your post you took the decision with a lot of class.

okay so here is my fight review:

  My hoomeboy opened up my intro for me: He had his own beats and he was givin a mic to freestyle. I was feeling the beat and gave my atleast 30-45 seconds to himself so he can get some recognition and some hype then i come out. Of course, i come in with my usual swagger b/c u know how i am.  Then as soon as i get in the cage the boo's start raining in. I kinda figured this would happen b/c for 1. Even with the rare black fighters that have fought there, I have never heard a black fighter being cheered. 2. Jake Richmond is a fan favortie, he is kinda one of those golden boys that for some reason everybody loves. Dont get me worng the kid has talent but i just didnt think he had the kind of killer insticnt and intensity that i had. I came in with something to prove b/c by alot of people's thoughts i was gonna get knocked out!

   1st Round: we come out and we touch gloves and start to circle. his hands were as they LOW!!! So i snap out my jab. It snaps his head back. he acknoledges it with a head shake like it didnt bother him. so i snap out a couple more and his nose instantly starts to run with blood. He comes back with lame Ass leg kick. Funny moment happens here where i pause him and dusted off my knee pimp status style and waved at him to continue. Crowd gets up with her " oohhhh " and then the war starts. i come in with my version of Steve Fox's 1+2 except mine goes up then down instead of down and up. then he hits me with some wild ass hook and bury's my stomach with a knee. Im getting better of the exchanges because for 1. that extra kid i had growing on the top of his eye.  2. Im hearing his side of fans saying Stop The Fight, Stop the Fight, so im assuming im doing atleast better then him. towards the last minutes of the fight. i hit him with one more exchange and then he tries a kick again. at this point i try to seize the opp to take him down b/c that was the whole plan to begin with. I grabbed the kick and tried to take him down but lost control and ended up on my back. he got a couple good hits from top and as soon as he turned i got a good hit from the bottom that i have a great pic off! Round ends to a standing ovation!

Round 2: Same as the first! Me snapping off the jab and small exchanges. then i go for my sonix fang thing again and i as i went for the down part, he hits me in the throat. so i stumble away holding my throat and the ref goes to look at me and then he comes over the top and starts hitting me. The ref litterally throws him of me and everyone thinks he won

Im down and i hear people cheering and shit. Im like wtf, this guy just won on some bull shit! but lucky enough the ref saw that shit and was like hell no, judge the fight up to the point i got hit in the throat. When that got announced, the crowd went nuts with booing b/c they thought there golden boy is going to lose. I hear from the crowd " fuck that nigger “” the monkey is faking it ", " that nigger got knoxked the fuck out " At this point, my brother is going insane checking on me, hearing that shit and telling people to shut up. Drinks got thrown at my brother and HE was then thrown out of the building. Got my sister crying and like 5 people around me trying to convince me to go to the hospital. But i get up and stand for the judges decision 1st judge richmond, 2nd Judge Barber, 3rd judge Richmond. Crowd goes nuts. heard alittle booing but that was mainly from the fighters in the back.

After the fight here are the people that either came up to me or called me to tell me i won the fight:

Jake Richmond
Both of his Corner men
The Ref
Both of the promoters of the event
Jake Richmonds Mom
atleast 15 fighters

But according to 2 people called the Judges, they said i lost. I still dont understand how i lost. maybe u guys can tell me how i did when i get the video and post up some pics! I try to smile and let this go and i eventually will but right now, it hurts to lose when i think i won. but i got no choice but to bite the bullet and smile…

dude, you got fucking robbed.’

i know i’ve said some retarded shit as far as fighting goes, but seriously jetay getting donkey punched in the throat is weak sauce.

i thought that shit was illegal?