junk i drew

hey guys, just wanted to post some stuff and get some solid feedback, aka crits. These are mostly roughs, but feel free to let me have it. :slight_smile:

you still got it, kando! your coloring style looks great at any stage of completion. my only complaint is that sagat’s face can look a little more fierce and his arm should be significantly bigger than ryu’s.

Christ can I just have sex with the Shanoa picture?



Nice stuff, Kandoken. I like the Ryu and Sagat. If you want a quick crit, the painting of Ryu’s clothes get’s a bit hectic and wild at spots… try to keep your strokes minimalized and flowing. The anatomy on Sagat’s hand is pretty wonky too.

Your colors on all of the pieces overall seems great.

Oh snaps!

Nice work. The third pic is dope!

dood. miss your stuff over here.
not much for me to crit (your kung-fu is greater than mine)… only thing that I can find is that Ryu’s arm is too long.
cheers man.

Dammit!! I’m sorry Rook, i didn’t read this till just now :< Kinda fixed sagat up finally… i guess i’m feeling a bit more comfortable doing kinu-style work… although the ryu doesn’t match =\

all old. =\

Sagat does look better now. I think both the differenet styles fit each character in their own way on that piece. The other 2 Ryu’s look fresh. Keep em coming.

thanks man… yeah i’m not too hot on ryu’s hadouken… i didn’t sketch the arms like that originally, but it still bothers me a bit. I think i only kept it as a reminder to attempt ikeno’s style of cg. Like that eternal challenge piece with alex blown up and ryu charging in the back? that kinda thing. i like to mix and match see what looks good, LOTTA refs.

here’s a commission i did a couple weeks ago,a chrono trigger thing, and a dbz poster… I’m trying to paint the chrono trigger and dbz like i did this black panther… w/ an Arnold Tsang power-fist LOL… Just hope i get the palettes right so the dbz one will be a test more than anything. -_-

Nice pieces. I don’t know if it’s just me but Black Panther’s lower half kinda bothers me. I guess it’s the ligthing from his upper half of his body compared to the lower half. It just kinda caught my eye I guess. My fav is the DBZ piece though. The Chrono piece is nice cause I can see your process on it.

I love the one with Goku + Vegeta.

loving the colors on Black Panther. There’s so much energy in the reddish-purple shadows!
His belt seems too low though. Should be nearer to his elbow level.

@ “The wild lines of coloring in the Ryu Sagat picture” … Akiman does do wild coloring like that sometimes when he does his pseudo e-sumi art pieces. But he uses thicker brushes. Just like Kandoken did in the re-coloring.

The Black Panther is clean and so crisp. Very precise

Kandoken do you still do commissions now? Also what is your opinion on Enterbrain trying to pay $100 for character art?

who is the girl in the third pic?

How do you feel about doing Marvel characters in Akiman style?

Amazing, the detail and coloring in particular is top notch.

Very good sketches. You should finish some of these. Especially the Ryu.

Hey guys, thanks for the kind words and crits! skfjbnsjf sj tried to keep it clean and sketchy at the same time.

Wow… Gorgeous Shanoa… Very envious of how you color. Keep it up!