I’m bored, and somehow sort of depressed.

funny, because that’s one of your best non-chibi pics.
what’s bugging you?

I saw your reply on DA.

Thanks man, I’ll think about it. Personally, I find it depressing and motivation-killing when people circle jerk over generic anime-ish looking stuff. Or stuff that I perceive has certain flaws but nothing but praise flows in the comments section. No-one’s paying attention to me anyway, so I kinda felt that going on would be useless.

That and I still feel that I haven’t improved at all in three years. I don’t know… I just don’t.

It’s pretty funny how the community works like that. A real good piece of work can get nothing while the most simple gets praised. The DA community is pretty big so things can easily pass by, I just hate for you to go out like that!

Different people have different tastes, simple as that.

As for your piece, I think the pupil’s are too big, good overall :slight_smile:

You have definitely improved from your initial pics. Perhaps not at the pace you had hoped, but you definitely have shown improvement.

I think we’re actually at the same awkward phase right now – we both want to improve, but it’s not so easy getting there. I feel a similar frustration when it comes to drawing & colours, and when it gets too much I just take a break and come back to it later.

It took me a looong time to understand something like warm/cool colours (I used to think in grayscale), but I got it eventually. Don’t be too quick to write yourself off :slight_smile:

yeah 4negs, just hang in there man. And don’t listen to anything on DA. If you want a good place to post and get crits, post on conceptart.org. And try to listen and take in any crits, but more importantly try to understand things for yourself. Getting good takes a lot of work and if you work hard you can get good no matter where you start off. Mind Candy Man on CA is an example. He started off drawing circles and squares and right now he’s painting photo realistic paintings. He got there because of the way he approached his learning course. Start off with simple stuff to understand forms and how light moves. Values, colors, whatever, everything is really scientiffic when you think about it so just study a lot, draw a lot, and you’ll see yourself improving before you know it. Right now I think you would benefit greatly from studying anatomy,and applying basic shapes to everything. The hardest thing is to resist doing any complete work since you’re going to run into problems, get frustrated, and give up. I’ve been there a lot. Just try to set goals for yourself on what to learn and put all your energy into it.

Don’t give up if you like art. Question is are you serious or is this just a hobby? That’s what it basiaclly boils down to.

Indeed, I agree with everyones comments thus far. I think not giving up is 90% of it. I had a friend/mentor who I work with come over from Oz to do some pavement art for a large Air line company. She’s in her mid thirties and her years and years of hard work and practice are only paying her the big bucks now! But man they are BIG bucks! She’s stuck with it and has given up and it’s starting to pay up big time.

She told me never give up. That’s the big secret. I think it’s a blessing to know what you want to do. That’s why it’s important to stick with it. How many people are out there doing jobs they hate all their lives cos’ they threw their dreams on the backburner. Too Many!

4neqs/Photon, You’ve improved heaps from when I’ve first seen your work. And I think your ideas, style and sense of humour are a crack up. Just keep listening to the wise Art senseis in these forums. I learn alot when other people getting critted too. They’ve helped me improove my game ten-fold.

Keep on truckin’ man!

I know how 4neqs feels, today I was doing this piece for the KOF thread but it looked like shit, even when I started the digital painting I thought naa this anit lookin so great then my system crashed lol perhaps hinting at me, well after that I thought screw it and I spent 40 mintues or so refeclting on that piece of work.

So back to the drawing board I go, even though its like 12pm here right now, when Im in this kind of mood I dont like to sleep, I just like to carry on.

Your right about people giving up their dreams to do a shiity 9-5 job for the rest of their lifes I dont want to be like that.

Its tough but I know the level I want to get at in art and animation and wont give up, oh well im off to draw something.

Admittedly it’s a hobby and I do like art. It’s just that sometimes that I’m all by my lonesome in my threads/submissions, and that it’s not as fun as before.

I guess I’m going to think this through.

Man get out of here, fuck everyone on DA.

I’ve loved your work man, you’ve sure as hell improved.

Don’t let it get you down man, you have the support there if need it!

In fact I want to make a request ;O!

emphasis mine

Er, I sure hope you meant “there” because those two underlined points contradict. At any rate, post away here, I didn’t have a thread of my own til now.