Jupiter Thunder (SAII)

Ok, I heard that its good to Pick SAII if you play an oppoenent useing Gouki, because he can teleport out of the Aegis Reflector unblockables and because a good Jupiter Thunder combo can more then likely stun Gouki instintly.
Is it worth giving the reflector up???

In my opinion…Yes. Read Slim X’s faq on gamefaqs.com if you dont know the 100% stun combos. Some will probably argue that SA1 is a better choice for this situation, but in my opinion Thunder is best. Practice the combos to death though, so that you can use them on command, otherwise Id say using the Thunder is too risky and Id go with SA1, purely for the damage.

Personally, I’d rather use SA1 against Akuma than SA2. SA1 has a longer bar, but provides good damage when you land it. It can also be used to punish whiffs from a long distance.

lol, how do you land a SAII against a good Gouki?

Not worth it

anyway the most stylish 100% is
jump HP, sMP, EXheadbutt, HP sphere, MK tackle, MK tackle xx SAII
and then kill him with anything

lol, forget jumpins with urien vs. gouki. Maybe if the gouki is playing 3s for his first time. Otherwise forget jumpins. Even jumping away from him is risky. Wakeups? Nahh… use aegis.

2more weeks for amsterdam Hol Horse! :karate:

Metallic Sphere when they do Dp+K, then depending on where they are you could do EX Headbutt, tacklexxThunder, or just tacklexxThunder. But yeah youre right, there arent really consistant ways to land it. Against a not so great Akuma you could easily parry an air fireball and cr.Fierce.
The way I see it its just like Makoto vs Akuma. Wait for that one mistake and then its over.
You guys make good points though, SA1 is definatly more reliable, does great damage and is probably a better choice in the long run. SA2 still gets my vote though, its purpose is to stun and Akuma=worst stun taker. Just seems right.
edit:and yeah no way am I jumping in on Akuma :karate:

Isee. Ok, Ill try these 100% stun combos on Gouki, but I can’t charge partition… (FUCK!)

Ok so Im looking over these combos, all of them except for 1 (there are 4 total) start with a jump in HP, so Id only use combo #3, titled “The Realistic”.

If youre having any trouble finding the combos just look for Slim X’s Urien FAQ on Gamefaqs (I think I said this before, cant remember)

The combo has 2 variations, easy and hard, not much difference just a substitution of an MK tackle for an HK tackle I think. The harder version does 100% damage while the easier one does 99% damage.

Oh and the combos dont involve any partitioning.

Thanks go to Slim X for the awesome combos and FAQ, good stuff.

I thought it was temporal thunder

Meh, same thing, different name. SFAC guide names it Jupiter Thunder while the game translated it as Temporal Thunder. Not sure who’s correct, so let’s just say SAII to make it easier :D.

Kao Megura FAQ lists it as Jupiter Thunder as well, probably a difference of translation.

cr.jab, cr.jab, tyrant slaughter

Thanx man.

No problem:tup:

Jupiter Thunder should be guaranteed from cr. HP, Tackle, anti air sphere, and EX headbutt. Other uses are to use it to chip the last bit of an opponents life. Does anyone have any info on if Urien in invincible or not when shooting his load?

(Someone correct me if Im wrong) I THINK this is the way it is: Urien is completely vulnerable , but once he initiates the attack the Thunder will still come out. NOT positive on that Ill have to look into it, I seem to remember facing the computer though and sweeping him out of it, then getting hit by it. But it could be that it comes out like 1 second after initiation of the move, and he can be knocked out of it if youre fast.

K I just tested this and you can hit him while hes shooting it out, but it still comes out once its appeared.

If someone could provide more info on this , Im curious now too lol. Can TT be stuffed?

I tried a few setups, but I can’t get the timing right to stuff the super flash, the thunder hit legs once its out although the leg still hits Urien, basically i hits him out of his super lag, so he should be able to do something immediately. So it might help him. Also wondering about what happens to Uriens hit box on super wind-up, may move him so he can punish throw attempts up close, although at the moment this is all theory. Haven’t got time to test anything at the moment.

One last thing, on what occassions is the Tackle going to cause an opponent to fly away too fast for the thunder to catch them?

Hmmm… I was fooling around today, and I ended up in a match of Urien vs Ken. As Ken was waking up, I SA2’d (I was playing scrub style tonight), thinking that it would hit him if he threw any move out (minus a super).

Well, Ken did fierce SRK just as I activated my super, maybe a bit before. I saw the flash and the white sphere-thingy come out of Urien’s hands, but the tip of Ken’s third hit knocked me on the head, knocking me out of my super.

I’ve never seen this before… can anyone confirm?

He’s pretty vulnerable when you use SAII, I’m not even sure if there’s any invincibility frames. >_>

If you get hit out of it early, the move won’t come out, but a little later and it still does.

So it is stuffable then, even after the super flash? I wonder if this applies to all attacks, and not just high-hitting ones.