Jurassic Park/World - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom set for 2018!



After about 13 years…the Jurassic Park series will be returning to theaters in 2014.

Loved the first one…liked the second one…didn’t like the third one.






I think we all can agree that Lost World was the best.

Looking forward to this one, though. 3 put me to shame.


this shit took too long. i bet the raptors now have wings, lol.


This is 2013. We do reboots now. Sequel? Pah.

Jurassic Park was awesome, and the most important thing to have occurred in my life up until that point. Lost World was garbage, and III was, “well, that wasn’t as bad as the last one.”

Sam Neil or GTFO.



Although I DID like the Spinosaurus.


I actually liked JP3 better than Lost World. The whole T-Rex in San Diego thing just ruined the entire movie for me.

No idea what JP4 is about. I’m still hoping for my plot of it being set in the future where scientists are making robo-raptors for weapons, but the robo-raptors escape. Army comes in but can’t beat robo-raptors, so scientists have to release REGULAR RAPTORS to fight the robo-raptors (because regular raptors are obviously smarter than people and robo-raptors, given the direction of the franchise). So essentially we get Marines vs Raptors vs Robo-raptors. AMAZING MOVIE, AM I RIGHT?!


Hope its Dinosaur/Human hybrid.


I don’t think Chris Bosh is a very good actor.


Raptors better not be the main villain -_- It needs to be another HUGE predator.




they fucked up the last one by using a no name dinosaur that only had partial fossil records found and making that the villain.

When they went to the genetics lab in the 3rd movie, I kept waiting to see bioengineered dino’s and cross breeds.

more importantly, I wanted this:



Just let the franchise die already.


All we ask for is Trex’s with freakin’ laser beams attached to their head >:o


fuck no. Technically, this is the legacy of Michael Chrichton. He was writing one last Jurassic Park novel before he died. It has no actual ending, although his son did step in and create one using what he learned from his dad and what he was told. The actual books themselves were both incredible, the first movie is still one of my top 3 favourites of all time. I have been waiting for this for awhile, and to be honest i need a good Dino movie (wish they would let them be rated R for once) every now and again, and all the competitors are fucking awful.

And I’d like to see the franchise get back on its feet.


B-but the Sino is HUGE…like bigger than the T-Rex even in reality. T-Rex is like the 5-th or 4th largest carnivore.


The raptors were always my favourite part in these movies personally, but It would be a mistake to only have them, it’s good to have a balance.

I hated how the spinosaurus in the third one stalked and chased them. That be like chasing a cupcake across the entire island, sure cupcakes are delicious, but the thing managed to kill a trex, its got food for weeks.

The t-rex in the first only ate the people because they just happened to be a snack that was near it, when they got away it didn’t bother wasting any more effort because they weren’t worth it, and any additional run in’s between the people and trex were coincidence. the second the trex followed because they had it’s child. The raptors chasing people made sense, we would make a descent meal for a raptor, and without a gun we have no form of defense (aside from gymnastics, but how many of those people are going to be trained gymnasts) so them chasing us it worth the effort. The spinosaurus had no reason to do what it did.


It prolly just wanted the annoying mammals out of it’s territory.


I’m okay with cyborg dinos as long as we also see THIS in the movie:



I’m real glad they will “still rely on animatronics”! Finally! Only use CGI WHEN YOU HAVE NO CHOICE!!!

I’m also happy they making a new JP. Was wondering when they would come up with a new one for years now. Glad to see it finally happened!