Juri 2013 - Year of the spider?

Close HP - on hit, opponents are launched higher
Far LK - Can no longer be linked
cr. HP - Damage decreased from 90 to 75

  • On block, cannot be jump canceled
  • Hitbox has been reduced
    Diagonal Jumping HP - Damage decreased from 100 to 75
  • Hurtbox comes out 1 frame quicker
    Karen Kick/Assatsu Kick - Damage decreased from 150 to 130
    EX Senpusha - Hit and block pushback has been reduced
    EX Kasatushi - Hurtbox has been added after move is successful
    Special move meter gain
    Fuhajin (rising kick): whiff 10->5, on hit 0->25
    Shikusen: whiff 10->5
    Shikusen 2nd Impact: on hit 20+20(40)->10 x 2(20)
    Shikusen 3rd Strike: on hit 40->30
    Kasatushi: whiff 15->10
    Senpusha (L): whiff 15->0, on hit 10 x 2(20)->30 x 2(60)
    Senpusha (M and H): whiff 15->0, on hit 10 x 4(40)->15 x 4(60)

TL : DR -

  • lk chains no longer abusable, work on your links
  • no more jump cancel shananigans on block
  • cr.hp possibly less effective as an AA, depends on the hitbox change specifics
  • throw damage nerfed by 20
  • cr.hp xx jc.hp damage nerfed by 15 and 25 respectively
  • whiffing specials to gain meter reduced (this is across the whole cast it seems)


2013 - Year of the Nerf.

First time I read it thought cr.hp just couldn’t be jump cancelled anymore. This is all doable. Thought she was nerfed into crap. Feel like she might be mid. You just really can’t afford any mistakes now.

Well, consider also the hitbox change to the cr.HP. How much priority will they be taking away from it? We’ll have to see. Hopefully its not to the point where its going to trade too often.

Okay, my two cents. At first I was really pissed because I was seeing only nerfs everywhere for Juri except for the cs.hp buff. And I thought: “Ok, I guess Juri is mid-tier again… LET’S GO!” ಠ_ಠ

But then looking more carefully at these, there are only 2 nerfs that kind of annoy me: the throw nerf and the AA nerf.

For the throw nerf, it’s more the principle of it that annoys me. I personally wanted more characters to have 150+ damage throws and I don’t see the point of reducing damage to make throws even less useful. And for the AA nerf, like Darkphyre said it will depend on how much the hitbox got reduced. If it’s still somewhat reliable and just means I need to space myself better, then ok I don’t mind it so much. But if it means I’m going to trade/lose more than half of the time then fuck this, fuck my life, fuck everyone who cried to get this nerfed.

fs.lk no longer being linkable is like whatever. I admit I often spammed standing short because there was like very little reason not to do so (just like Rufus’ c.lk). Now I just need to do normal hit confirms instead of mash-confirming.

Jump cancel on block was already unsafe and stupid anyway. I only did that stuff on hit.

CADC no longer building meter doesn’t matter for Juri. Her dash and backdash weren’t good enough to really abuse this meter building tech anyway. Plus she could already build a lot of meter and now she can build more with fuhajins.

So in the end, I’m still pissed. But she’s still tourney viable (I think, depends on the AA nerf imo).

All these little things they’re doing to her aren’t that bad on their own. Previous nerfs… These ones… A lot of them weren’t even significant. Its just that they’re all adding up now thats making me a little mad. I feel like i’m being picked on now for my character choice. Sadly all I can do is laugh about it and keep moving forward.

It should be noted that even if they completely wreck her cr.hp as an AA she still has an extremely reliable (if not damaging) AA in cr.mp, so you should still be able to keep people from stomping on your head and get a store in the process.

This. Only thing I’m worried is the AA crouch fp. Can careless about everything else although I will miss blowing scrubs up with JC, but they’re just scrubs so w/e

I’m sure it’s just gonna be like SF4. Perfectly usable but you’ll have to space well.

Yes, but at the same time this is a team game and opponent has 2 health bars. You would need to land 8-9x cr.mp to do the same amount of damage that 1x cr.hp combo did.

AA, c.hp reset and corner pressure are like the only things Juri has to comeback from behind in this game. So it always annoys me when those players complain about her pseudo “OP damage ouput” when she can barely get 280 midscreen without burning a meter.

Oh yeah, and about that cs.hp buff. I find it a little amusing that they buffed it so we could combo into her Super. But they’ve nerfed Juri’s Super to a point where it’s not even worth the meter because you can get the same damage or more for 1 bar. Still, I wonder if we’ll be able to stick a cr.mk/cr.hp or something after a cs.hp.

Maybe we’ll be able to get a cr.HP from cs.HP and do a jump cancel combo. But SURELY they wouldn’t give that to us, would they? Won’t be holding my breath here, but that would truly be a gift as just another option for us to look for.

Ugh…If we’re going back to cr.mp xx store as her go to AA, might as well go back to AE. You think a cr.mp(60 damage) is going to deter Jin and his J.HK, or Hei with his magic crossup/non-cross up J.HK? I AA people for 500+ damage now and they still jump.

There has to be more to these changes, like nerfing those jump in hitboxes or something.

They nerfed the Juggle Potential of Juri’s cr.HP pre-release just so we couldn’t do things like that.

The patch gives Juri moderate and token nerfs? I’m shocked. Shocked!

Looks like there are more details to the system changes.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to release the systems changes first before character changes? The character changes are useless if we don’t know how they fit with the new system mechanics.

Maybe they just wanted to get us all in an uproar and get everyone’s attention? Who knows… I agree. Would have made more sense.

So it just occured to me that depending on how they modify the hitbox some of Juri’s jump cancel combos off launchers and tags may be removed… you already have to hit them pretty much at the apex of your cr.hp to do the delayed j.hp combo…

That was something i’ve been thinking about too. It already became tighter to do the corner combos after the Senpusha “on block” nerf, but that already juggles pretty low to the ground regardless of which strength of Senpusha you use because of that nerf, so the hitbox change shouldn’t effect it. But yeah, those delayed combos might be gone, or if we’re lucky, it’ll still be doable but just really tight. With speed gems it will for sure be doable with that lightning fast jump though. But even without the speed gems, there is still a nice sized window there. I often times try to do j.HP as late as possible. You can still get the j.HP very late, almost when the opponent is at the ground if your jump cancel is also late simply because her jump speed is so damn fast that she can catch up to them. But we’ll still just have to see how much window they leave us with when they change the hitbox. Hopefully its not too bad.

I probably just regurgitated information all you other Juri’s already know i’m sure, but its nice to just talk about it I think. Either way, December is going to be interesting. I am itching to get my hands on this and mess around with it.

Why did I not see this thread? :frowning:

Anyways, yeah, so far I’m not horribly worried, but I’m not exactly happy. At least this go round most of the nerfs were roster-wide (Cammy losing her cs.HK cancel on block, Chun losing her j.c on block). The Jump Cancel nerf scared me on first read because I thought they were removing it entirely, I was about to throw my laptop into my Xbox into my TV, then flip the table they were sitting on.

While I didn’t find a ton of use for it personally, it’s still annoying to lose that tool.

If cr.HP becomes so likely to trade that it becomes unreliable, the above rage will probably ensue. Hell, there’s weird angles and jump-ins that you have to be on point to AA with cr,HP right now - it’s going to be a bitch dealing with them if this adjustment is too severe.

What I do like is how much meter she looks to gain on hit now. Juri/Law with meter gems is never meter-deprived as it stands right now… I’m looking forward to having a constant stream of meter to play with for hitting successfully. strokes beard

Regardless of the changes they make, I’m sure we’ll adapt and still rep the Spider.

If I can’t do a damn JC combo off of Bison’s launcher I’m going to Chun. I don’t think that would happen though. But yes, that would be the absolute deal breaker. That was one of my main ways of dealing damage, because Lord knows it won’t be coming from Dictator.

I haven’t been playing Street fighter lately but if any of this fucks up my switch cancels with Jin or my BnBs with Juri then Ill be taking this back to Gamestop again and get ripped off a second time. I’m not gonna keep unlearning Juri shit everytime Capcom decides the fanbase can’t handle the motherfucking queen.