Juri Art

I know there is a gallery on SRK somewhere but that place is weird. It doesn’t show all the threads for some reason. Only recent ones. Anyway we have a 2 threads like this in the Sakura forum and there were no complaints. This forum is kinda dead anyway so hope nobody minds.

Here are the Juri things I’ve done so far. By that I mean I took someone’s image into photoshop lol.

Okay I showed mine. Now you show me yours! :lol:

Don’t have Photoshop at the moment. :frowning: I studied A level Graphics, had some experience with Photoshop, now I can’t be bothered with art lol.

Anyway, what was the source image of your avatar?

Here ya go

Browsing deviantART

You should make some stuff if you can use another program. I’ve had to teach myself by messing about.

So which one of those is supposed to make me green with envy? :o

Got a bunch of pieces, nothing I’ve messed with in an image editor though. Will post later I guess

I always wanted to make a fanart of Juri. I might give it a try later. :3


Mission failed, but it’s pretty.

I played as Juri today on my fight stick because the kick buttons on my ps3 pad were not working at all (I think a button is stuck) so I had to dust off the old fightstick and play Bison, Juri & Rose instead of Mak & Sak.

Anyway, I felt teh joy of Juri again and felt sad that I dropped her because I was training too many characters before. She really is amazing!

I had to make a new graphic.

Here it is:

This one reminds me of icecream and strawberries. Hope you guys like it and feel free to share your own. That BeaM guy is still looking for some Juri pics to show me :razzy:

Edit: Original pic

lol that’s so cute it makes me hungry.

Haha thanks! Juri Candy is yummy.
I’ve updated the sig. It has your name on it now. Hope you keep it :tup:
You’ve been dedicated to Juri for so long and helped out so much with videos on youtube and threads and discussion here to help members so I feel its better kept in your hands.

You bet I’ll keep it. :slight_smile:

Well “later” turned out to be 6 months later :rofl: I finally decided to doodle a little something earlier today. So here’s my first Juri drawing (actually it’s my first SF fan art).

I have no idea if I’ll finish it or start a new one.

Thats pretty good! :rock: Its always great to see how art develops from scratch. I could never do it.

I did a few things. Nothing worthy of showing though. :frowning:

Edit: Eh why not.

Wow that’s pretty nice actually. I like the expression on her face. And the hair!

You got a pretty cool realistic style. I like it. You should make more.

I never finish anything. unfortunately…i get uninterested and upset with the artwork I do…i see the flaws and I dont want to look at it anymore…heh

That reminds of the face from the Exorcist, is Juri REALLY that scary? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are on devianrtart, follow the juri fan club

#Juri-Han-FC on deviantART

I submit Juri fanart to it almost regularly throughout the week. New one is Juri after eating Cammy :S

Juri vores cammy by ~AztyWolfette on deviantART

^ I just joined that group. :tup:

I cleaned up my previous drawing:

And started a new one for fun:

Interesting pieces, Vulcan. I hope to get a tablet one of these days and start learning how to draw again.

Juri starting her Kaisen Dankairaku
Kaisen Dankairaku by ~MaadArtist on deviantART

That’s how I want to see her, with her hair loose.

Thanks. :slight_smile: Not sure I dig those hair lol. She looks too… gentle.

Here’s a new one featuring Hwoarang: