Juri balance/buff ideas



If your crowning achievement is not placing top 8 a single time in one season of CPT that doesn’t account for much at all lmao, stop tripping Jin


Agreed. Especially with a top tier player at the helm. Player > Character, but let’s not pretend playing bottom tier is good enough for serious tourney play. Fang made it to CPT so he must have been ok also! Give me a break.


Player owns character, but how can a character that’s supposedly near worse in the game beat people who won back to back premiers in the same tournament while other players of characters who had been using them longer could not place as high? I take that as she was pretty decent even in Season 1.

Now in Season 2 though, very solid character. Looking forward to the results.


I’d wager it’s because people weren’t familiar with the match up. I mean, how many high level Juris were there before Hsien at Canada Cup? It was great to see that live, but I also got to see the faces of unfamiliarity throughout the crowd. “She has that?” and “Oh…that’s what the does!” coming out of mouths was hilarious.

She wasn’t decent in season 1. I stand by that. Was she Gief/F.A.N.G tier? Nah, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t weak. The only thing that matters is that she could win then and she can win now. Along with that is another constant: she can win, but still requires 10 times the effort compared to most of the cast just to get the same reward.

EDIT: And a really good player winning with Juri doesn’t mean things are fine as they are. If that’s the case, then Juri is screwed if Infiltration wins with her.


I feel that with someone like Balrog, you defend and wait for two or three hit confirms and then win the game.
With Juri you need to break down the opponent to open them up.
Try this way, fail
Try that way, fail
Try this, get in.
Now start again.
For the amount of effort and setup we put in, we get surprisingly little damage.
We need the stores to have a hitbox that when you do st.mp->st.mkxxfuh its a block string and not a giant whiff in the face of your opponent.


Yeah. It’s funny really, in SFIV I always looked at her stores and thought of them as a huge boon that made some nasty combos possible and let me throw out fireballs on a whim, but in SFV everything related to them is just a massive handicap in every way possible. Talk about not understanding your own character design.


I’ve realized for juri to be in the top I believe she needs somewhat of a complete redesign. If the store mechanic is kept capcom has to incorporate them in blockstring or pushback like sf4. If they take the pushback route then she needs better normals that can reach after a store. Normals of course have to be adjusted on half the cast st mp into st mk doesn’t connect on counter hit. Why is guiles fireball +2 but juris -2 you would think storing would give you frame advantage. Store needs less recovery and smaller hurt box it’s crazy how many jump ins I’ve suffered cause of it. Needs options outside of store against a good balrog it’s unlikely you’ll have all three. In my opinion so many changes needed probably means we see a top juri for some seasons in the future


She really does need a better hitbox on stores. I’d even be fine with Stores being -3 on block as long as they pushed you out far enough not to be punished. That way you could do a full string, get a store, and not be in harms way. As it stands now. you are -2, the store whiffs unless you cut your string short, and you are close up so you have to give your pressure up and block.


I’m surprised no one is mentioning this: wouldn’t storing 2 fireballs with one cast be a good QoL improvement?
My idea is that when you do light store you get a light and a medium store, when you do medium you get medium and high store, when you do high you get light and high.
Or they could even make it 2 kicks for stores 3k for EX and you pick and choose


It doesnt make sense to me, I rather have better hit boxes in fuha store and more advantage in her fireball


I just want her charges to be worth the charge.

Ibuki gets our MK release for free, and its an overhead, and its safe. HK release is 90% just a way to combo into Vtrigger.

LK release is still too negative in a world where Guile is +2 on his booms.


I really really really REALLY want HK to low crush for real. Rashid can do it. Even ED in the beta was low crushing really nice with his HK. I am just not suppose to get beat by a damn sweep when I’m using my HK. Would this make Juri OP?


I’d like Capcom to reduce the whiff recovery on Juri’s qcb + lk and qcb + mk.

After landing Juri’s hk release she can do qcb + lk/mk, the light version keeps her on the same side, and the mid version crosses up.

One of Juri’s weaknesses is that she has no mixups that are difficult to react to. This would make her hk release more useful whilst locking it behind a store would make it situational.


That setup is not good regardless because of the ability to do normal, back recovery and the no recovery option. 3 different options.
Honestly having the fireball just be +1 oB will open up a world of offense for her. Same for it not knocking down during VT, she’ll have plenty of side switch options then on which you can capitalize.
Buffing her tools just for that 1 terribly inconsequential mixup seems a bit shortsighted.

I do think the combo system in general needs to be opened up more regarding juggles and resets(plus more defensive options…)

Oh well, beating a dead horse at this point wheeeee…


If capcom could give us more juggles after a store like any of the meterless dp or another store that would be great lol. Also more horizontal range on her dp as well so they can be used more for combo enders would be nice too.


L.p. dp after store was one of my favorite things to do in sf4 with her I approve.


You know what’s fucking dumb?

Target combo - LK release - dash - MP/HP.DP doesn’t fucking work.

Marlon already showed it off, but it’s fucking dumb because it would be a great meterless punish otherwise and would only burn one store. She has to use two stores LK & HK to get extended damage from TC - LK release.


you can do HK ryo after the lk release, same timing of EX ryo and you can even go into CA from it


I always liked the idea of Juri being obnoxious over her just getting good footsie tools or straight up damage buffs. Even in SF4 I hated it when the backjump Shikusen went away and Kasatushi started bleeding gray damage.
The former used to allow capitalizing on the common “backjump during fireball equals free punish” mentality forcing players to treat Juri differently from the rest of the cast. The EX version of the latter was on of the very scarce ways of countering bullshit like Ryu’s EX DP for cheap damage.
It was unique. It had great flavor. Losing it in favor of getting better footsies/bnb/damage felt wrong.

That being said, I would love to see some changes that’ll provide new options to Juri rather than the regular “better footsies, more damage” stuff.
For example:

-A bigger hitbox on stores. In SF4, Juri could use a store to beat a DP given the proper spacing. Kicking projectiles out of the air was also much more reliable. I want that back;
-Combo and blockstring potential off her fireball. Fireball combos were one of the best things about her in comparison to other characters. Give me back my MP > LK release > cr.MK.
+1 on block would be enough to ramp up her pressure during blockstrings.
I honestly don’t see a problem with either given Juri has zero mixups and has to get the store first. A special that requires a dedicated resource should be better than specials that do not;
-Allow Sekku to crush low attacks and throws (airborne and no lower hurtbox starting from the first frame). I never see it being used aside from getting the single final hit in to stun/KO the opponent.
Allow a follow-up (LP/LK are enough) after a counter-hit Sekku. Again, given Juri has no real mixups, giving her a better reward for outplaying the opponent seems reasonable.
Although it’s questionable, FSE Sekku allowing a combo follow-up also sounds reasonable to me. FSE requires 3 bars and while I do consider Juri’s V-skill to be rather good - just needing more exploration from the player base - it isn’t the best tool for building the meter.
This paired with the fact active FSE drains meter like crazy thus severely limiting combo/blockstring potential, I feel it’s unfair the opponent can just straight up low block through the entirety of FSE as the only risk they’re taking are throws. FSE should make the opponent afraid, so unless Juri gets extra mixups from somewhere else I don’t consider this to be excessive;
-Bring back j.MP juggling;
-Slightly reduce HK recovery to allow dash-in > target combo off CC;
-A better anti-air oriented hitbox for cr.HP to take advantage of that juggling CC;
-Honestly, I want Shikusen back too, but the argument of Ryodansatsu fulfilling the similar purpose seems to be reasonable.
-Universal fuzzy-guard instant overhead off jump-in j.HK > land > j.MP? Into Shikusen? Heavily punishable on read but the mere presence of the option will ramp up Juri’s mixup game dramatically.
-More juggles;
-Predator dashes during FSE.

I’ll take a universal damage nerf across her whole moveset gladly, were these to be implemented.