Juri balance/buff ideas



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Is it only grapplers that have a forward moving armour move or armour moves in general, things like Laura’s ex elbow and mikas ‘oh shit I’m under pressure’ flying butt thing?

If Ryo had a hit of armour I think the move would be buffed massively. Just means it can’t be stuffed by everything in the air/ground and is still could be thrown, bad on block and not an overhead etc etc

Or I could be an idot


I honestly don’t know why they made Ryo so bad. Like I get its an anti fireball tool but it’s already -5 and can be stuffed with even a light button. The worst part about the move is that you can’t even combo into the hard version without using cr hp. So basically if you’re not jumping that move isn’t even usable.


What i would really like is more advantage on blocked fuhajin store and less pushback from it,she needs to be able to store that thing while maintaining pressure.


My dream Balance/Buff Ideas for Juri…

Lose the DP and make it like SSF4 senpusha
Lose the HSU it’s throwable, can’t hardly combo into, not an overhead - so what’s the point?
Lose the new stupid stores especially Medium because you can’t combo with it consistently - just bring back the L,M,H from SSF4
give her a dive kick back and make it similar to Cammy’s dive kick so it fits SFV

lasty fire the dumbasses that thought her new design mechanics were good decisions, she was too new to warrant so many changes!
USF4 Juri is great, SFxTk Juri was beastly, SFV Juri is…hmmm


Long as they improve the strength of the medium and heavy stores she should be in a good spot. They are just not powerful enough for the effort you put in to use them.

Shes not getting her old multi fireball game back anymore. SFV is just not designed around heavy projectile games minus a few characters that are designed for it. Juri is a hybrid character with several anti projectile options. She would have to lose pretty much all of her anti projectile options for them to justify giving her back anything close to her old fireball game.


I think that’s a fair statement. Plus, in many ways, I actually prefer this Juri to SFIV.

Most of my issues with Juri are issues with my fundamentals… but she doesn’t usually feel rewarding when I do manage to play well. I feel like I am working my ass off whether my opponent is better or worse than I am.

I’d also like to see her vskill become slightly better too. Right now it is basically always a gamble to use as a cross-up and serves to really only be useful if your opponent drops back at the start of the match letting you charge it… but what are you doing charging it when you’ve got stocks to get!

The most important take away from your post is that people had better learn to reconcile with Juri as she is right now or move on. She might get some buffs, but her kit isn’t changing. I’d bet my life on that.


mk and hk release are indeed very lacking, but she is lacking in a lot of area’s. Her entire character can be described in one word basically “inconsistent”. Her tools are inconsistent and often do not work as intended.
She has a lot of different tools but most of them are below average. So she is actually less than the sum of her parts.

There is a laundry list of things she needs to have adjusted, they all need to be more “polished”. Her tools aren’t changing and they shouldn’t, they just need to be made more reliable and give access to better options.
The base of an amazing character is there though.


After fighting a Urien, I feel we need a move that moves foward. Something like st.HK but better for pressure. I guess st.mp looks like it could be it.


I feel like this too sometimes but honestly I think st.hk needs to be faster. It needs to be like 10-11 frames of startup and I feel that’ll fix the issue.

I feel juri’s problems could be fixed with simple damage buffs.

Raise her frame advantage on st.mp to +5 and increase her damage on hk fuha to 70+50. I feel like that’s enough to make her feel rewarding without making Her too strong.


Improving the damage on either Juri her normals or specials isn’t the way to go imho.

What she lacks are consistent ways to convert into damage from different situations as well as reliably get stores. Lastly her normals are severely lacking which no doubt was the intention of Capcom due to her ability to walk after her lk fireball. The payoff of having a lk fireball to walk/dash behind however doesnt warrant her shitty normals.

LK fireball +5 on hit
Extend hitboxes of cr.mk and cr.mp, less pushback on st.mp
Cr.hp and st.hp more consistent AA’s, especially cr.hp

These changes alone would improve her neutral, her pressure(also converting from counterhit situations), ways to convert into good damage at the cost of a lk fireball(alternative to making the st.mp +5, this imho is much better)

st.hp and cr.hp being more reliable aa’s, especially cr.hp would significantly up her potential damage due to its CC property, ways to get stores and even be the start of pressure.

Her V-Skill is plain bad, a 3 bar VT shouldn’t drain by doing chains or stored specials, aaaand then you have her mk store… You can use it to go over low pokes, or as a way to deal with throws but in reality you only use it in punish and stun combos… a huge waste otherwise.

I’m sorry but miniscule changes aren’t going to make this character better.


Yeah, not like Laura’s lasts just as long. Eye twitch

[quote=“Fresh314, post:26, topic:181260”]

And hazanshu was also an overhead. Ryo isn’t.

Anywho, my personal wishlist for Juri buffs, very similar to a few others:

-Start every round with qcf +k moves and V-Skill fully stocked up and ready to go.
-Fix hitbox on cr.HP
-Let TC hit crouchers
-Don’t make chains drain from V-Trigger (specials still should, tho)
-Make the hitbox on store better so you can make your blockstrings into it more reliable. Also wouldn’t hurt to give it an AA hitbox.
-Make mk release an overhead
-Make ryos and V-Skill not throwable
-Buff V-Skill somehow (idk what the best way to buff it would be)


To be fair, all hers does is make her v-skill go further and adds more stun and damage to her moves.
Its not like chun’s goddess hit confirms.


I like the +5 to hit idea for the fireballs because it makes her more fun but not too powerful.

I think st.hp is decent but cr.hp needs to actually be good. I think it should be as good as Cammy’s back medium anti air(or is it back hp?)

I think her v skill is one of those things that I’m really hesitant to buff simply because the second level is really good.

Mk fuha can be used to bait throws.


Question: why do you guys feel like she takes so much extra work?

When people say things like her tools just don’t work as intended confuse me. How are her tools supposed to work is my question? The most questionable moves are her Ryo, st.hk and overhead. Getting hit by lows while airborne isnt fun and I believe this should be a fix for all characters.

Ryo i think needs better startup so you could at least combo into the hk version from st.hp. ex version I believe needs fireball invincibility from frame 1.

I think her cr.hp needs a better startup and better hit box. It’s a bad normal move tbh. I believe this move doesn’t work as intended compared to most of her other tools.

I want to agree with others about her V-trigger, not needing to drain as quickly as it does. Though her v trigger and CA help make comebacks really easily of you have both of them available (usually her last leg of life sometimes).

Vskill is alright. Some characters have really useless vskills and hers at least allows her to do something even somewhat of a mixup. Maybe lvl 2 can be charged faster or the feint have better recovery.

I also believe her fireball might need more advantage period. It being slow and gaining small frame advantage from certain distances is ok. I believe it needs a small frame advantage buff to open up her throw shimmy game which is her best attribute and in this game that can take you pretty far.

I feel like she needs small damage buffs or at least better stun output. An adjustment on her Ryo. Something done with cr.hp (give us the fse version of it as her regular normal). I believe more advantage on her fireball (0,+5).


I think it would be a interesting change if her Vskill gained the charged version based on her fuhajins as well,not just the default charge.

In many matchups,i find it difficult to charge her vskill,however the stores i can manage. What if her vskill was in it’s charge state while she has at least 2 x fuhajins stored ? She would still be able to charge it by default but also getting more use out of the storing mechanic itself ,because it would affect her vskill and her vtrigger bar would go up faster.

  • more use out of her stores
  • having faster access to the better version of the vskill
  • faster vtrigger bar gain,since her charged vskill is much more useful and practical.


because she takes longer to kill the opponent than it does for the opponent to kill you.


One thing I’ve heard so far for Juri is her V Trigger is now on a fixed timer so you can probably do what you want until time runs out like her SFIV Ultra 1. Most likely still 3 bars in this case.


If all the changes stay the same…like no dp is invincible outside a metered one then Juri is going to be really strong.


Mm…Juri’s dp is 7 frames while Ryu, Ken, Cammy, Necalli and Akuma are 3 frame, not to mention the damage output is lower.