Juri balance/buff ideas



It’s not necesarily about her dp but she gets oki from pretty much every combo-ender so she can now be pretty oppressive.


Juri is top 4 and a half now.


Safe jumps are going to be even harder to do with the new changes so 7 frames is pretty irrelevant. It’s not a charged reversal that loses to meaty jab and block like Urien.


I wonder if they fixed her crhp.


If true, re-mapping dp to punch is a nice quality of life change. It will make doing CC f.HK -> walk forward -> st.hp xx mk.release really easy. She has too many specials mapped to kicks right now.

I haven’t really seen any concrete changes for her yet. It’s a good sign that the proposed overall nerfs(throw advantage, AA jabs, No more meterless invincibility) have zero impact on her. So far its been addition by subtraction.


It seems like Juri was balanced with these overall nerfs in mind, she was basically a Season 2 character stuck in Season 1.


I’m assuming this is probably balanced around her new V Trigger time. Hopefully.


oh no


Glad the change for DP is for punch, i can’t tell u how many times i accidentally hit dp during neutral. This is mainly when walking forward cr.mk and buffer, sometimes negative edge will mess things up when im rusty, mainly because im using a ls-56. Or for when walking forward mk fuha charge as well.

V-trigger fireball becoming like juri’s regular fireball can be a good change, but this is a buff mostly only for close neutral and knockdown situations. For those that don’t know,when doing a well spaced fireball from wherever your opponent is positioned, juri creates a mixup within that.

Faster V-skill charge is great news.

  • I ask for her SUPER to have a faster startup or travel faster. Basically makes it a bit easier to punish people jumping back, mainly its what i feel what the super is for, other than hit confirming. Because jumping back is the best way to avoid her fireball mixup situation and super is what makes you never want to jump back, forcing your opponent to just take the mixup.

  • I ask for TC to hit crouchers.

_ St.mk first active hitbox to have a bit more active frames for the cancel ability.

  • A bit more active frames for Fireball at its last active frames for it to linger a bit longer rather than travel further.


I think the vtrigger fireball is a bug, i see it traveling at the same speed, in this case slower, but why reduce it’s distance ?

Rly smells like a bug to me.


Did we get confirmation that her VT is now just a timer like Chun’s (unlimited use of specials/chains on timer ) or reduced gauge use on these? I’ve seen only a couple reports it’s changed :confused:


Only report I got is fixed timer which would basically make it like Chun’s.


Honestly feel like this is huge buff for actual mixup.

Midscreen: (Button) xx hk fuha xx mk fuha xx lk fuha xx V-trigger, dash forward into options (if they got quick rised) : block, shimmy, jump forward cross up (fireball is now a cross up), throw, fuzzy j.lk, fuzzy j.lk into j.mk land into whatever.

Back roll get up I’m not sure of yet but I’m sure she has options.


Any word on Pinwheel hitbox corrections?


What do you mean? More horizontal range so it doesn’t whiff during certain cancels? More range straight above her head so its easier to catch jumps that are right on top of her?


I’d prefer more horizontal hit boxes. I’ve lost sooo many games because of them Pinwheel whiffs horizontal hit boxes. Somthing like how Cammy’s DP’s work, angled differently.


From VesperArcade:

  • Less pushback on St. MP


Juri mid tier Konfirmed



Would be cool if Juri can charge her v-skill in increments instead of standing still for 80+ frames. A faster charged v-skill will be able to catch the reovery of some slow moves more consistently, but don’t see how it will greatly benefit Juri though, as in addressing her actual weaknesses. It’s main purpose is still going to be as a deterrent against people that like to jump away from her fireball pressure, just more effectively. Being able to whiff punish some slow random moves from half to 3/4th a screen is still a benefit i suppose.

Her uncharged v-skill…no clue what to do with it aside from switching sides after a TC(or potentially punishing some specific v-reversals in specific situations…)

Less pushback on st.mp was something i wanted since the first time i played Juri, so i’m glad with that.


I mean the whole point of the charge design is that the vskill will be worse without the charge. If she had her charged vskill up all the time, she would actually be busted as you can whiff punish almost anything with it from full screen, and taking the risk to charge it is why it can be so strong.

Uncharged vskill is mostly just for gimmicks, but those gimmicks can still be nice to have. Risky crossup gimmicks, or ending a string with it and dashing out, etc. All unsafe, but all can catch the opponent sleeping.

If the pushback on her mp is enough to let her combo into another mp, then that is a huge boost to her combos and hit confirms since that could open up her ability to confirm into her target combo without a jump in or crush counter.

There’s all sorts of other things I’d want changed about some of her normals, but that at least makes her launcher, which is an obvious, fun part of the character, more functional instead of rarely used.


Not sure i get that right, what is mad fast ? The charged version of the skill itself or does it take a less amount of time to charge it ?

The charged version was good enough,it’s the regular version that sucks ass.