Juri balance/buff ideas



If you watch any high level usfiv match with Juri you start to see what certain elements add to the depth of her gameplay (and make her fun to play) her neutral fireball game was amazing (in the corner, stellar) her medium fireball was great for neutralizing fireballs, keeping an opponent from rushing forward, etc.

What made her lame in V was expecting her medium and hard kick releases to act in the same manner. WHY would you have 3 specials that neutralize fireballs but don’t have the startup frames to compete?

Make the startup frames of her releases faster. They’re already unsafe as hell and don’t do much outside of confirmed combos anyways.


@LockM I’m guessing a perk of having a fast vskill charge would be its use in combos, especially (maybe only) CC ones. For example: cr. hp CC xx vskill charge xx dash forward into basically any move you want. Maybe. I don’t know


The CC cr.hp xx vskill xx dash forward doesnt allow her vkill to be charged. If you hold the vskill longer so you get the charged vskill…you can’t combo a dash normal after the CC cr.hp anymore :frowning:


@LockM Actually I didn’t meant to fully charge the vskill (my bad :P), but rather maybe being able to cancel the charge earlier due to the faster charge time. But it doesn’t really matter if you can’t combo afterwards :confused:


@AceKombat pretty much has reported that her V Trigger is exactly the same as in Season 1.


I half expected this since there weren’t any drastic changes reported in the PSX build, I’m glad she got a medium into medium link though.


Posting these here because nothing is official until Tuesday:


I like it!. Glad to see that her fireball losing distance isn’t a nerf as much as it is a buff for her pressure game.


Actually i would had liked it if it kept the travel distance but used the slow movement speed.


From the reddit thread about changes in the beta

st.mp +5 on hit (up from +4; still +2 on block)
st.hp +4 on hit (up from +2; still -3 on block)
st.mk 5f startup (down from 6f)
st.mk now links to mk fuha
cr.mp 6f startup (up from 5f)
cr.mp now links to mk ryodansatsu
cr.hp easier to AA with it seems
cr.mk -2 on block, +2 on hit (up from -3, +1)
f.mk -6 on block (down from -4; still neutral on block; still CC’ed by sweeps)
about ~30f of charge (down from a ton more)
charged version gains projectile invincibility a lot earlier
uncharged seems about the same (can still be thrown out of it)
all tensenrins now uses punches instead of kicks
lp tensenrin still -8 on crouchblock
mp tensenrin does 120 damage (up from 110)
mk fuha release now -4 on block (up from -6)
hk fuha release now -6 on block (up from -11)
hk fuha release does 80 damage (down from 90)
forward throw looks like it’s +13 on quickrise (up from +8 I think?), so st.mk whiffs now
+9 on back throw (was +7 I believe)


These buffs are insane! Love it!


Real Juri Buffs boys!!!








V-skill cancels off fuha releases on hit: https://www.reddit.com/r/StreetFighter/comments/5ipc37/sfv_season_2_beta_changes_megathread/db9y9xy/



Welp, I’m gonna be using s.mk WAY more often now. :smiley:


It’ll take some time getting used to it because it’s a fast cancel


I’ve been doing st.mk cancels for the v longest and they just now buff it. Looking for the counter hit window to cancel into mk fuha and they made it easier for me. I’m pretty satisfied


overall seems like a lot of great buffs but Im not sure about her fireball


How dafuq do you do that? It’s hard as fuck canceling it normally but looking for counter hit then canceling it is almost impossible for me.


Am i correct in saying that i heard/read that Juri could cancel a (charged)vskill from a stored special?
If so that might be pretty good.
If this wasn’t the case just ignore this post lol.

*Edit it was in @Typhlosion his post:

So more reliable ways to charge vskill in many more situations and/or even potential new pressure scenarios?
*Only on hit apparantly…there goes that :s

Does that mean if st.mp will connect midscreen, we mighy be able to land cr.hp?

hk rel xx VT, cr.hp xx EX Hazanshu into whatever
*Edit, saw the vid of st.mp hitting after the hk rel xx VT…noway cr.hp is gonna reach

So any ideas i had of what i HOPED was possible, isn’t. Typical of SFV really.

The buffs are helpfull ofcourse, just not the ones i hoped for.


I dunno if anyone already pointed it out but:
M DP strike invincible on frames 3-7
H DP throw invincible on frames 1-8, airborne after that

edit: also L pinwheel is +2 on hit (was +1). Can’t disrespect the throw after that with jabs anymore.