Juri balance/buff ideas



Good stuff

New Bnb

New counter hit comfirm combo


It looks like juris damage is still rather low compared to characters like Ryu.
It is frustrating that he gets to do more damage despite not needing any charges


f+HP is a really slow move and not something you can reliably land a bunch of times in a match.

Juri’s damage seems fine for a character that can walk faster than him, has longer normals and now even better throw range.


The new Ryu combo still does less dmg than just f+HP, cr. HP xx shoryuken btw. The only good thing is that it does more stun.


Juri buffs are looking real if they all stick.



Did they make her B+HK a better AA? I remember trying to use B+HK xx h.DP, but it was too inconsistent.


It looks better almost as good as Ryu’s and it juggles with more stuff.


holy shit, if b+hk is as good of an AA as it looks there then i am just going to be so happy


It’s hard to say since the j.hk never actually comes out before it is hit by the b.hk

I’d assume it’s the same hitbox as S1, but I really hope they buffed it


I skimmed through Toolassisted his SFV DIFF tool, there was nothing changed about b.hk…currently.


Yeah it’s just a “if you land it” thing you get a lot of juggle options, but the actual priority isn’t there. b+HK was only supposedly a good AA during her beta and then removed it.

Still got good options though and this is still a game where having a meterless, invincible anti air is good which she will still have.


st.lk active frames 2=>4

Sure, why not.


Devs at Capcom said “well this character already plays like Sin so screw it, let’s make her totally anime”


After looing at this sequence she looks kind of strong



They could have made st.HK 7 frame start up


It’s already 7f startup tho ^^


I didn’t know that, thought it was 8 frames. Making Juri’s mp +5 was the best buff evah.


These changes all look so good, trying not to get my hopes up though because half of these might not even make it into the game.


Wait, were you referring to Juri her b.hk or st.hk, because you quoted the ch combo above.

If you indeed wanted to say b.hk…well dont get your hopes up. St.mp knockback was increased(lol)

B.hk will only link on CH on crouchers. However if st.mp catches a normal on the first startup frame(proper meaty), which is often the case, the CH pushback is too much for b.hk to link. Combined with the extra pushback on st.mp…

I hope CH st.mp, b.hk becomes a thing though, but it might end up being something extremely finnicky and character specific.


WTF! Y dey do dis…