Juri balance/buff ideas



Because otherwise you’d have fun, and Capcom can’t have that.


Official Changes:

So far the leaks were spot on.
If you want more detailed info check the link. The whole change log is a 92 page PDF.

Though now we do have concrete numbers on her V-Skill:
Level 2 charges up 7f faster (from 40f to 33f)
Level 2 hits 4f faster (from 14f to 10f)
Level 2 gains projectile invincibility 8f faster (from 14f to 6f)

EX Ryodansatsu (hazanshu) is now projectile invincible from frame 1.


Nothing about increased knockback in official patchnotes unlike the post on the reddit thread suggested so we can calm down lol.


Seems mostly buff for Juri, with her overhead and target combo being the two only issues getting nerfed.


Not like people really use this shit anyways.


yeah I thought the target combo nerfed seemed really random, how often do people block it standing in the first place?


Juris throw game is insane now. Even mid-screen she gets free meaty pressure after throw.


can she have all of her charges at the start of the match like Hakan had with his oil?

or at least keep the charges between rounds?

its so annoying having to spend half of the round on charging just for her to become a somewhat decent char -_-


I’m with you there, I think she really should keep charges between rounds.


If Ibuki starts a round with full kunais, I see no reason as to why Juri shouldn’t start with full stores. When you even see the professional Juri’s running away at the start of every round to gather stores, you can see it’s impacting her game heavily.


I’d rather have more ways to get safe charges, starting with all of them feels like a cheap fix.


You do, end any combo with a MK ryo and you get at least 2 for free, but sacrifice your pressure. Or hell even HK fuha lets you get another HK fuha.

Personal change I want just to make her more fun, the initial slump just isn’t very entertaining. It’s managing and juggling everything that’s fun, not being flat broke at the starting whistle :c


For some reasons my Tensenrins are getting stuffef even the ex version :(, Im not confident anymore and I started using normals like s.hp or even c.hp instead. Does this happen to you guys? or its just me that I cant adjust to the remaped Tensenrins? or is it that her Tensenrin got even worst?


I think Juri players will eventually learn that just moving and pushing the issue at the start of the round will give you safer options to gather stores than running away. She has a lot of block strings that lead to safe stores now any way. There’s a lot of new top level players picking up Juri and that’ll just be the go to strategy to get stores for now until people chase them down and they’ll have to do it more safely. The run away to charge thing works sometimes, then other times people just know they’re going to do it, hit them out of the recovery of a raw store and then they’re getting rushed down.

You’re right. I was wondering what Sephiroth was talking about at first, but it seems MP Tensenrin got nerfed invincibility wise. It took the same first 2 invincible frame nerf that MP DPs did. It doesn’t have any invincibility till frame 3 now so it no longer works against deep jump ins and have to do it earlier. Still not bad as it does give you a meterless, invincible AA option, but you now have to deal with the same rules that the shotos and Cammy do. This nerf may also make it so that it’s easier for Gief to air SPD you out of it since you probably are now not gaining invincibility frames until you are airborne. Not 100 percent on that though.

To add to that, they decreased the size of the hurt box on the first 2 frames so there may be a couple situations where you may still land it even without the invincibility.

EX should be the same. If there were any changes they weren’t listed in the notes.


You have throw invulnerability till frame 7, I played a geif who kept trying to air SPD my stuff and got smacked in the face for it. Not sure they can do it because of the throw invuln. You mainly get stuffed by really vertical stuff like cammy dive kick and Chun j. RH. It is still a good anti air though it does have a deadzone where you can’t anti air and crosscutting with it is harder than shoto dp for some reason, imo. Have to cover that angle with dash out or air throw. If you try to use MP dp it will look like you hit them but she will just fly into the air to die.

Honestly she needs some dirt like lk release being +2 on block and more push back on store. Her footsie and pressure game are just not scary enough when you got characters like balrog and urien running around. Also her v trigger fireball shouldn’t knock down, that is retarded.


If her VT fireballs didn’t knockdown, she would be able to chain absurdly long and damaging combos, off easy safe hit confirms. It’s the same reason why in Season 2 they don’t let you chain st.mk into mk fuha x5. Same would be with the fireball. It’s clear they don’t want you to have a combo like that which can blow her whole VT bar in one combo.


They need to rework her VT honestly and i personally think it should be more like her USFIV version.
[] No “infinite” stored specials during VT
] Start VT with all stored specials
[] Only draining VT when using specials
] Allow Juri to cancel into non stored specials from chains during VT
[] lk fuha doesn’t knock down anymore
] Allow st.mk xx mk fuha again

This way Juri can’t “loop” anything anymore. This will make her VT much more interesting in setting up pressure sequences and her general tree of combo options.

A general change:
[*] stores more horizontal range + more pushback

So she can cancel chains into her stores and be at a good distance to start her potential offense
Same for her lk fireball really, why is it negative on block, it’s a 2 part special, has very little range, can’t cancel into it and dash after it except against a crouching character from a max range cr.mk xx lk fuha cancel…which has a gap they can jump out of easily anyway.


I don’t want her to lose infinite stores in VT, I thought that was the best thing about it - not having to manage your resources for the duration. LK fuha definitely needs an improvement and if that happened she’d have nothing else that I could ask for.

It needs to have better advantage on block to allow Juri to pressure from behind it, and why can’t it travel fullscreen or at least further than 1/6th of the screen?


Her V-trigger as it is should be 2 bars in my opinion is still very weak. I agree they need to rework the v-trigger properties in order to be a comeback factor as it is suppose to be.
V-Trigger change:**

  • Allow Juri to cancel into non stored specials from chains during VT
  • Allow Juri to cancel into command normals during VT
  • Make her overhead +4 on hit and 0 on block during VT so she can actually have resets
  • Make her target combo hit crouched opponents at least during VT
  • Air combos during VT are impractical give her more options or better properties.
  • Lk fuha doesn’t knock down anymore
    V-Skill change**
    Less recovery frames on V-Skill cancel so she could use it to fallow up CC
    A general change:
  • Lk fuha should travel further at least 50% of screen
  • Lk Fuha 0 to +2 on block and +3 on hit so she can actually keep pressure after burning resourses
  • LK Tensenrin -2 on block either crouching or standing
  • EX Tensenrin full invencibility, it keeps trading and lose to akumas fireballs
  • More horizontal range on st.Hk and more advatage on CC
  • More horizontal range on st.HP


Personal balance list -

St.mp +3 on block
Considering we have pretty bad advantages on most of our buttons with limited frame trap options, I think making st.mp > cr.mp a 3f trap option again wouldn’t be asking for much. I get we aren’t supposed to be Karin, but all of Juri’s normals are like -2. Juri is -2 personified. Looking into her frame data making it +3 on block wouldn’t have any devastating ramifications either, so it wouldn’t break anything.

LK/MK/HK fuha stores extended hitbox horizontally -
Eh…jab > jab > store doesn’t work and I feel it really should. Their range is garbage and the move itself already gives up your turn so I don’t see why they also have no range.

Increased damage for either st.mp/the first hit of st.mk or MK/HK fuha releases -
Juri’s damage is kinda low, especially considering she spends vital resources and only nets average damage values. I just want slight increases to something to increase her overall damage output.

Extend the horizontal travel distance of LK fireball by 15-20% -
It just doesn’t travel far enough. It isn’t useful anywhere that isn’t point blank and makes using it to walk in behind it impossible. It disappears before you can establish the ground control.

Decrease the recovery of LK fireball so it’s 0 on block at point blank range. -
I want this so pressuring via LK fireball cancels becomes a thing without it being at the tip of it’s range, Juri’s design seems to revolve entirely around using her fireball to establish pressure yet the fireball is -2? What gives.

Extend the timer of V-Trigger, or decrease the VT to two bars. -
I’ll be frank, I think Juri and Gief have quite possibly the worst 3 bar VT’s in the game right now. Not because they’re bad by concept, but because they aren’t worth 3 bars in their current state. They don’t last long, they feel underwhelming for what they do and other characters have stronger VTs for 2 bars that are similar. In Juri’s case, Chun-Li’s VT works in a similar fashion netting better results due to it’s two bar cost.

I want access to FSE without having to sacrifice all of my life, or if I have to do that I’d prefer if it didn’t deplete within two blockstrings and two fireballs.

Make MK release an overhead -
Idk, this is probably unnecessary but it looks like an overhead, it’s slow as hell, offers no utility outside of combo filling and it’s already -4 anyway. I don’t see the harm in making it an overhead, nobody with a brain would ever fall for it anyway.

That’s it from me, kinda short list but I think those changes would push her in the right direction. Juri is already a good character now, just completely overshadowed by Cammy though. Needs her unique tools powering up to stand out from Cammy.