Juri balance/buff ideas



She’s probably better than Ryu, but I’d prefer to use Urien as a standpoint for balance right now.

Reason being he’s a character with a hefty amount of options in both neutral and pressure scenarios, he’s interesting. I want more characters that have a multitude of options at their disposal.


I don’t find Urien interesting at all aside from his v-trigger, if he was the standard of balancing we’d see even more dash and mash stuff than in S1.


Dash and mash? Urien’s dash is alright but his buttons are slow, he can’t do that very well. I’m talking purely from a standpoint of X character can do Y amount of things, Urien is the highest on average for that IMO. The game needs more characters that can do a lot of stuff and remain balanced. Looking at his standing in the tier list makes him look strong but not broken, he’s a solidly balanced top tier. I want more characters like him.


Yeah all these top tier characters with their dumb ass neutral bypassing dash forward moves.

Juri needs a rocket launcher.


What do you mean by “lots of stuff”? I think Juri also has lots of stuff… at least close enough to what Urien has.


Headbutt loops, Aegis mix-ups, juggles from cr.hp AA, Knee resets, buttons that don’t feel gimped on range and data, he just has a lot of cool options that make him seem like a blast to play.

I don’t mean you should copy and paste whatever Urien has onto every character, but his balancing formula in my eyes makes him strong, but not broken. His tools have a lot of kick to them, and I like the conversion potential and utility each individual button or special gives him.

I would like a game where every character feels that strong, so essentially something known as “Power creep” where the average level of power between each character is raised.

I mean if anyone thinks Urien is in call for nerfs I understand your reasoning and why you think that, but personally I’d prefer every one else to be at his level rather than him being toned down.


Hmmh, I think I’d prefer characters to be buffed similarly to Guile, get a limited, but solid tool kit and a v-trigger/v-skill that compliments it.


I suppose it does come down to archetype, Guile should be a character with limited yet strong options.

But considering Juri has her store mechanic, I just expected more intricate options for stuff like juggling, or pressuring. She has more to her than a large majority of the cast, but that isn’t saying much. I just compare her to SFIV’s Juri and just feel a little like she’s been gimped on how unique her playstyle was, I really want some of that back.


Oh really? I much prefer this Juri to her IV version. I am not at all interested in a fireball game. Hell, I am annoyed that I am basically forced to backdash at round start in 90% of my games so I can get a charge or two (my only real Juri wish list would be to start with charges… and that’s just because I am lazy). She has some pretty solid oki (far better than the average in this game), and that was basically what I was looking for. Probably a agree to disagree situation.


Light ryodansatsu is useless now. Would be great if it would leave the opponent standing and it being +1 so it actually has a use then.
Light tensenrin combos from lights and cr.mk while the light ryodansatsu would combo from everything else.

Juri in USFIV could be played in a very controlled way, constantly setting up midscreen traps, she could rushdown and she could zone. Her corner game was terrifying combined with her safejumps, true blockstrings, kara throw, kara store, leaving you often at perfect spacing for whiffpunishment etc.


Yeah, I always think it is a waste when you have a dead button. In the case of ryo, she has two (at least when I play, I never use hk.ryo either).


HK ryo is decent as a max damage punish tool when you don’t have a MK release up, cr.hp xx HK ryo xx super is a like just shy of 500 damage

LK ryo has zero uses, idk what they could possibly do with it, maybe have it not knockdown for VTC stuff?


More/faster projectile invuln… though we don’t necessarily need that.


Just make it combo from lights, Juri still doesn’t have any special attack that knocks down from light attacks, charge has shit range and heavy dp has almost as bad reach.


You get nothing on the follow up though, LP pinwheel would still be a better option because the damage/stun values are the same IIRC. LK Ryo could actually be worse I just haven’t checked the data.

I know MK ryo and LP pinwheel do identical damage stun in combos.


It would be less damage, but it’s still a knockdown and you would have space to get your charges.

It wouldn’t be huge or anything, but it’s an extra option and better than anything else I can come up with for lk ryo [details=Spoiler]and I also secretly hate to buffer a dp motion after light attacks[/details]


I’m surprised nobody else has complained about how long the recovery of fuha store is - there are times after scoring a knockdown where if I decide to store even at a decent range, I’m open to eating a wake-up CA (Ryu and Ibuki I’ve personally experienced). I think this is a legit issue.

Other than that, my only other complaint is that her crouching forward is the same exact thing as her low short with a little extra range and different frames. I can deal with the frames, but the hit box is crap.


As I said long time ago the first balance patch wont be enought to make her competitive, I know she is better than S1 but she still has a lot of flaws imo she is not tournament viable yet.

  1. s.mp, s.hp and s.hk needs forward movement.
  2. Her store needs more range and if not 0 or + on block more push back.
  3. LK fuha should be 0 on block and +3 on hit
  4. cr.hp needs to be a legit AA
  5. V-trigger needs more work it sucks (no resets, no mix ups and damage scalling is bad)
  6. V-reversal is probably the worst in the game.
  7. V-skill needs more versatility maybe faster recovery in its cancelation and safer on block.


On the fireball I’d go as far to say +1 or +2 were charging it so we should be rewarded in sf4 it was +4


She is tournament viable. She got 9th place at a CPT event before her buffs. Get good