Juri Beginner's Guide



Ahoi all,

I’ve been compiling a bunch of links/videos to make a guide that anybody can look at and become proficient using Juri with. Here’s what I have so far.

Does anybody know of any other good resources that I could add?


Hi Bob,

There’s a lot of resource out there on YouTube, genkibot, EmperorCow, BigNastyKail are big contributors.

If you can’t find anything you want then make it! There’s never a shortage of tutorial/information videos out there. A lot of the information you may be seeking can be found in text form on these forums, so who knows you may even learn something you weren’t aware of.

Props to you for making these guides, together we’re stronger. Look forward to seeing the finalised project and I’ll be sure to give my criticisms and advice.


Just a note on your tips:

  • Back jump is one of the best opens for her as you can punish almost every offensive open with a Shikusen and safe at very worst
    A poorly spaced Shikusen eats sweeps and other nastiness for people who expect things, additionally jump back start gives your opponent the mentality that you are going to be playing defensively and pushes you further into the corner. Whilst this is a valid opener for when you are playing the zoning game, some cast you need to play aggressively to make sure they don’t walk all over you.


Thx iamPowPow, added links to genkibot and BigNastyKail.
As for the opening, with Juri it’s hard to make any general tips as her matchups are so character specific, but from my experience, back jump with Shikusen to punish offensive opens has served me well. If you’re wanting something more offensive, neutral jump or dash work.