Juri Blow Up $5.99



IF you have any questions regarding the specs

please ask

For once we get a new topic that isn’t emo in the Juri forums! Yay!


ibtl27bf23xd0.jpg picture by snipernightowl - Photobucket

for real tho they need to make a Juri plushie I’d buy it. I got my Bison and Chun doll.
If I had Juri then I’d have all my mains in stuffed form.

Can i please get one to fit 10 1/4" inches for the mouth and her organ. Although if the mouth doesn’t have a whole I may still buy it. But it usually comes with the mouth hole right? Ive never seen or tried one before but I’ll make an exeption.
I think since this is a new product I’m assuming you can only get her original outfit? IMO if it becomes a seller they should update for her newest alternate. They can skip alternate 2 because it’s quite ugly.
Also do you (or you guys) ship international or US only?

Sorry AceKombat bought my whole stock.

Lol. Why you gotta hate on Ace like that. His Dan is GDLK!