Juri, Dudley, or Cammy?


I’ve been trying to main one of these characters for a while now, but I just can’t really decide. I was hoping someone could help me out with that decision, or maybe even add me on PSN and tell me how well I do with all three.

Out of the three, it seems like I might like Dudley the most. He seems to play akin to my style and I like using characters that pretty much have auto-punish counters, lmao. (Like Hakumen’s drive). Which is kind of the reason I like Juri so much. She doesn’t auto-punish, but her feng-shei engine thing or whatever puts me in the right position to allow me to punish the opponent myself. She plays a good deception game.

Cammy, I basically just recently started using. I just like her mostly for how agile she is. Seems to play pretty decent footsies.

Thoughts and or suggestions?

(Keep in mind that I mostly play Marvel.)


If you enjoy Marvel, try Viper. Dudley satisfies your combocraving.
Juri isn’t in FSE for most of the game (LOL IF SHE WAS).
If you like Cammy for being agile, try Yun, and possibly Guy.

Pick my character threads aren’t allowed though + in general this is better placed in the Saikyo Dojo.



Thanks, wasn’t aware of the incorrect thread placement. I’ll repost there if this gets locked or something.

Also, I’ll give Viper a try. I haven’t touched her since Vanilla, so it’ll probably be refreshing. I’ve seen a lot of people do insane shit with her.


There <3


You managed to find a video where Viper is kicking the shit out of all my favorite character’s collective asses, lmao.

Either way, that’s exciting tech. I’ll definitely be giving her a shot when I get home. Would you want to go a few rounds yourself?


I play on PC and I’m in the EU. If neither of these is a hindrance, we can.


Unlike other “Choose my Character” threads, at least you narrowed it down to three. Play all of them as alts.