Juri Find-A-Friend Thread!

Oh I want to be friends!

SRK Handle: Buhbuhj
XBL/PSN: buhbuhbox/Buhbuhj respectively
Location: hudson valley/NY
Skill Level: Just getting back into SF4 after not playing for a while so just OK atm
Secondary/Alt Characters: Play Chun in vanilla and I’ll probably still use her a bunch in super
About Yourself: I’ll be getting super for xbl only first. Can’t wait to have some fun with Juri :3

SRK handle: Scrubmaster_K
PSN: Beastolee
Location: Long Island, NY
Skill Level: Master of scrubbery.
Alt: 3rd Strike characters. Might toy around with old main (Sagat).
About yourself: I try to find gimmicks first and stumble upon setups.

Hi ho there.

SRK Handle: tylerzd
XBL/PSN Gamertag: Herbiebug (both)
Location: Alberta, Canada
Skill Level: lapsed old timer recently jumped back into the scene after several years hiatus. So let’s say beginnermediate.
Secondary/Alt Characters: Makoto, Chun, Blanka
About Yourself: Former reasonably competitive ST player. Played 3S Makoto for a couple years at a casual level. Jumped on the Juri bandwagon for two reasons: 1. Three storeable fireballs. 2. She’s totally batshit.


SRK Handle: Ash2k4
XBL Gamertag: MBN Yatchinator
Location: San Antonio TX
Skill Level: Beast
Main: Viper, Ken, Abel
About Yourself: ex kof player was not in the sf scene untill sf4 came out been playing competive since than.

SRK Handle: GrimmjawJin
PSN Gamertag: GrimmjawJin
Location: Alberta, Canada
Skill Level: Skilled / Juri noob
Secondary/Alt Characters: Abel, Cammy, Gouki, Sakura
About Yourself: A former tekken player maining kazuya and devil jin with SF4 being my entry into the series. I don’t go as far as attending tournaments and stuff, just play for fun. However I am very competetive and I WILL crush you.

SRK Handle: JammyBoo
PSN Gamertag: L2Kenny (May change when I remember my other one)
Location: Liverpool, England
Skill Level: I suck baaad
Secondary/Alt Characters: Viper. Akuma, Gouken, Sim, Sagat, Abel, Rufus, Elf, Sakura. All to various levels.
About Yourself: Viper main, I know the pain of practice and not having a DP. Moved into playing just about everyone as I got bored playing just one character. I also play some BB and touch T6 once in a blue moon.

SRK Handle: Killey
XBL: SRKilley
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (West Coast)
Skill Level: Intermediate
About Yourself: Viper main in SF4. Played every SF2 game since I was a child but not really competitively. Huge GG and BB background.

SRK Handle: Anemone
XBL: (coming soon)
Location: Petersburg, Virgina
Skill Level: Intermediate
About Yourself: Bought SF4 to learn the background mechanics as soon as I saw Juri in action. She played much more like a Arksys game than a SF charecter, so I was pulled in right away. I use to host Smash tournaments, but I’m done with that.

SRK Handle: Arkayne17 ( Just Arkayne )
XBL/PSN Gamertag: XBL and PSN = TheArkayne
Location: (Dayton , OH)
Skill Level: Medicore ( Considering I havent even played juri) But my overall skill level is good.
Secondary/Alt Characters: Abel/Cody ( Mains) Juri (Sub) Hakan-Ibuki (ALts)About Yourself: Uhhh l like fighting games? Add me Everyone : D

SRK Handle: BeaM
XBL: PK Elec
PSN: HK_Karakusa
Location: Van Nuys, CA
Skill Level: Mediocre
Secondary/Alt Characters: Makoto, Claw, Cody, Fuerte
About Yourself: I play(ed) Fuerte and Claw in vanilla, and almost 100% Makoto in 3s. I also play a ton of GG and BB.

SRK Handle: Jarekov
PSN Gamertag: Jarekov
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Skill Level: Skilled / Juri noob
Secondary/Alt Characters: Seth, Vega, Akuma, Zangeif
About Yourself: Been into Fighters for a long time, started getting serious with Guilty Gear and am coming back to the SF series to find what the hype is about.

Are you going to actually play on 360?

Yeah fred lol. Im buying it for 360 and PS3.

SRK Handle: Zujira
PSN Gamertag: Zujira
Location: Richmond, Virginia
Skill Level: I’m pretty good, I think.
Secondary/Alt Characters: Cody or whoever else will help me with my bad matchups.
About Yourself: I’d like to apologize to those of you who think you’re gonna be the best Juri in US. That will be me.

Fun being competitive, ain’t it?

SRK Handle: krazykone123
XBL/PSN: KrazyKone
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Skill Level: Intermediate but could use some fine tuning
Secondary/Alt Characters: I mained Dictator in SFIV, and depending on my skill level with Juri when SSFIV drops she might replace him but for now she’ll be my sub
About Yourself: My background mostly consists of SFA and CvS2, I believe that my execution in fighting games is rather lacking so that’s definitely something I want to focus on when SSFIV comes out

SRK Handle: DopeUyuu
PSN: DopeUyuu
Location: Salinas, CA
Skill Level: intermediate, know’s what he’s doing ha ha
Secondary/Alt’s:Guy, Ibuki or dudley
About Yourself: used to play alot of KOF 98 till the scene died out, then switched over to 3s and CvS2

Updated List. Good stuff people. Keep em comming. Lets continue to grow as a Juri community. :slight_smile:

Lets go Zuji : 3

You are now my rival lmao.

SRK Handle: jdude42
XBL: Jdude4242
Location: LI, NY
Skill Level: Intermediate, better when I play more often than I do now
Secondary/Alt Characters: C. Viper in SF4. Used Makoto in 3s so will be using her too and ibuki looks awesome so I will be use her too.
About Yourself: First fighting game was SF4 and I bought it the day it came out just because the store was out of the game I originally went there to buy. I fell in love with it and now basically only play fighters. Moved on to HDR/ST and then blazblue. Got really into 3s which I play mostly right now, I am not that good at it but I just enjoy it so much.