Juri - how to play against her?



Yeah well… I thought I did well against Juri in general. But this dude I played a few minutes ago, just total destroyed me.

I know I can EX-TT her or use Alpha Counter… but when you dont have the meter… wtf are you supposed to do? I only was able to block, eat overheads and hopefully tech her grabs. This went on for like 15 sec at least, so frustratig… all her stuff seems complelty safe… :confused:


mmm her pinwheels are all unsafe, the lk one is -2 so if you press something you will most likely beat anything. You can just throw her on wakeup since her EX pinwheel is NOT invulnerable to throws and her counters only work vs phsical attacks.

Her pokes are better than yours and she can zone and run away. Try to stay on the ground and look for any mistake, punish her hard and DO NOT JUMP ON JURI, maybe on wakeup but I rather go for upclose pressure.


neutral jump is one of the only things you can use to punish her dive kick. try neutral jump HK


Well there is a nerf coming soon, so you’ll be able to grab her very soon out of her dive kick if spaced wrong.


Just to quickly add to this, the nerf has arrived so all her dive kicks when blocked leave you at an advantage, all but her light pinwheel can be punished with a jab into whatever. Her anti-air is vulnerable to cross-up positioned jump-ins but don’t get too cocky with it. I find using ex-tornado after she attempts an overhead lands 90% of the time, if you are willing to blow the meter. Lastly, approach her on the ground whenever you can.