Juri Image Hunt


Hey all,

I’m new to SRK (and fighting games altogether), so if this is the wrong place for this request, I apologize.

Anyway, while stalking the forums, I came across an avatar that I’m really fond of and that I might want to use for some custom art in the future. Said image is now my avatar as well, for now. Unfortunately, the SRK member using the image could not remember the original source. If you happen to be familiar with the image or just come across it during your regular web surfing, I would be grateful if you could link me to it.


P.S. I feel like my request belongs on a milk carton.


Shuffling you over to the image mishmash sub-boards. Also poke around the fan art sub board of media outlet section. They should be able to help.

Good luck



Thanks for moving the thread!

And thanks for the find, Lord British! Although, I must say, I’m disappointed with the results. I was hoping it would be a bit classier. It’s not exactly arcade stick material for me.

How the heck did you manage that so fast, anyway?


Just a good old fashioned google image search for “juri han”. The tongue out and hand on the head made it easy to scan for. And yeah, that’s one big cameltoe…

One of my favourite Juri drawings in kind of a similar pose:


Man, I fail. I searched Google for some time, including “juri han” and I had no luck. I wonder if it was a safe search filter issue. Or, maybe I’m just an idiot and completely missed it. Who knows?

That imaged you linked is pretty sweet as well. I’ll consider that one if I end up going with a Juri theme. I’m glad you showed me that site, I also really dig this one

Btw, I see you do custom art on commission. I may be in need of your services in the next month or two.


Sure thing, just give me a shout whenever you’re interested. :tup: