Juri is Way Too weak


It seems so after playing her a bunch today. I’ve learned some very basic combos like, Mp fireball -> dive kick, or Ex Dive Kick -> Ultra 2. Even some links from the trials.

I’m fighting so many dudely players that I get a feel for them, they all do the same move over and over, so I’m stylin’ on them with combos and wall bounces and I still lose. Because Juri does so little damage that you really have to work hard to beat someone with above average HP, plus she takes damage like a little bitch.

And Zangief, don’t even get me started. You pretty much have to play keep away and counter eery single lariat or you lose. Dive kick is suicide because on block he can do anything, the spinning move is grabbable on block too, and most Zangiefs love the Ex Green hand so the counter is useless unless you want to waste a blue bar on a possible counter.

Using your fireballs wisely and dive kicking the lariats is the only way to beat him? Anyone else as frustrated as me? Or should I spend more time with her?

Sup guys this thread is now about Juri first day impressions.


blah blah blah so dont fucking play her…stop crying like a little bitch


Thanks SRK community. Look, if you’re not going to post something intelligent don’t even post. I ain’t even mad.


The newbie forum isn’t for whining or thinking out loud though. Plus you’ve been on here long enough to know there is a dedicated Juri sub forum.


I was afraid that if I posted this there I’d be flamed and told to put it here.

This thread isn’t for bitching, I just want to know if juri really is noob-unfriendly as she is and if using better combos compensates for her weaknesses. Or if she’s considered a low tier character?


Maybe get to the point next time then.

Starting a topic off with “Juri is too weak”, a couple e/n stories about your online shenanigans, and asking who else is frustrated with Juri isn’t really asking for helpful responses.


Okay then, fair enough. Can you answer the question now. I’m gonna take a break from juri and move onto Ibuki for a bit.


Juri can be a beast if you know how to use her probably. Yea, she needs a little more improvement cause almost all her combo are very hard to link. Even a LP from heavy character can destroy her in a matter of seconds.

Juri is going to be my main pretty soon. :slight_smile:


All I’d say is the game was just released today so nobody really knows who is low tier or not.


Guys with Akuma avatars don’t deserve to play with Juri.


I’ve been meaning to make a new one anyways. Besides, it features both Akuma AND Akumanator and contrasts the too.

My avatar is really dissing Akuma.


Just play someone you know how to play if you want to win. Spamming unsafe shit all day gets you killed, smart one.


Hurry, someone discover some neat combos for Feng Shuei engine fast! I’m dying here!

Guess it’ll take a while to determine her true place since Juri seems like a technical character.

Also is it just me or did they take away PLAYER MATCH? How am I supposed to have sets with random people, endless battle is not the same (though I like it still) and ranked is like speed dating.


I thought this guy was banned already? Or was that some other Akuma-named scrub? Any way, please play with a character for more than 5 minutes before deciding how powerful a character is.


Player match was replaced with endless battle. It has player match abilities as well as the ability to play with multiple players.

also have some patience with the characters, jesus its technically day 1.


Okay it seems like you’re mad at me for events outside this thread. I clearly stated in the OP that I played with her all day, so you just ignored it and read the title and saw it as an excuse to flame me.

Is it so hard to get good advice in this forum? Half the members just call the person a scrub even if they’re new. That’s not helping anyone.


I may have jumped it a bit, you’re right its just the first day. but surely you have an overall impression of her, tell me what that is? I think she’s pretty tough to use when you don’t know what you’re doing.

Also for player match… I can make it so that its just the two of us playing right? If so then its all good.


lol… try playing seth competetively.


In 5 months post what you think about the character, right now its borderline trolling.


lol you do know there are characters for scrubs, right? Juri is not one of them.