Juri Kills Friend Endless


I’m going to use this forum post to announce when endless are going up. I’ll record and try to upload as many replays as possible. But for fun sake i say join it. Going to usually be up for a few hours at a time. Everyone is welcome to join! See you there.
I’m on xbl as purple eye girl.
Archive of sessions
9/3/2012 session started 330pm & ended at 5:30pm
9/8/2012 session started 4:30pm & ended at 7:10pm


Thanks for the endless, although I got blown up today lol. Looking forward to more, and I need to get some matches in against you to see what this Lili I’ve been hearing about is really about…


i think i’m the one that talks about my lili a lot hahaha. Sure i would love to play you one time.
Next session should be around this coming weekend. I’ll post it here.


Fuck. I clicked this thinking it was made like 10 minutes ago.
Maybe next time Ill get in on this. Fair warning though, when someone at my house is using the interwebs, my connection magically turns to shit. I will add you for next time and my GT is just as terrible as my name on here.


session today guys. For a few hours. Gonna keep some of the slots private to invite people today. Message me on xbl if you want in. Don’t miss out.


What time zone are you?


May be a tad late. Its storming here.


The profile says Virginia so I believe its eastern time.


Endless up.


Shoutouts to SGLeroy and Paranoia Hades, GGs and talks! Sorry I had to bounce, stomach >>>>>>> everything and food was calling, lol.


GG’s everybody. That was a fun session.


GGs to everyone LOL!

Whilst I couldn’t speak, I heard EVERYTHING, oh lawds, ggs, was a fun session, thanks JKF for inviting me.


Yes indeed! If not for the hunger pains I’dve stayed longer and tried to get in a few games with ya Fergus! XD


You should clear up a space on your friends list. :wink:


Thanks for coming guys. Hope more people come out to the next one. Maybe i’ll even run my own small tourney.


Added man, god I love Julia’s super :p.


Damn, I was over my family’s house today and left my xbox at the dorms, but next time I’ll be there


If everything works out, maybe next time ill bring a connection that isnt so close to dial-up. This way I wont rage quit on a fight against my ISP. Im gettin so frustrated with this shit that I dont even try anymore :frowning:

Fuck you Frontier AND your terrible speeds


okay as part of my new training i’ll be trying to do this weekly, about a few days a week.

I’m looking to play around 5pm to 7pm est. Sound good?
It’ll only be private slots from now on. I want to say that this is serious training for either your main team or alts. I hope my net stays stable enough. So friend me if you haven’t on xbl. Purple Eye Girl

Keep an eye out for this post. I’ll try to post here a day to a few hours in advance. Play you all soon!


Message me if you want in. all slots private. It’s gonna be about 6 ppl. Once we fill we fill =p
probably gonna end at 5pm cause i wanna watch around the horn…