Juri main (1058BP) looking for Nina partner



Hello to all you assassins here in this sub-forum. As the title states I play Juri and I’m looking for a good Nina partner because recently me and my old tag partner decided we kinda don’t get along anymore :/. The reason I’m looking here is because I need a new wingman, as I feel the game is more fun in a pair, as well as the fact that I’ve liked what I’ve seen from Nina as a character. All i require is this:

  1. You are somewhat competitive.
  2. You like to spend time in the lab, love to find new things.
  3. Moderately experienced with Nina, or played her since launch day.
  4. You must have a mic, and the one on your kinect sensor doesn’t count.
  5. And last that you are not a dick on a regular basis.
    So if you meet most of these hit me up on xbox live. My GT is the same as my SRK handle. Thanks :slight_smile:


Why not just ask someone to play with you in one of the other threads instead of making this? But I’m pretty sure I break your fifth rule. I’ll play with you though. I hate Juri with a passion though…


Talk about necromancing a thread, I made this at least five months ago. I’m not even looking for a partner anymore.