Juri matchup help?



As the title says ( The matchup thread hasn’t been updated with Juri info ) I CANT play against Juri’s, I get impatient and crack. What’s punishable by what and what " strategy " should I use towards them ?

( Tbh matchups that I find difficult consists of Dictator, Juri, Guile, Rose (( slightly )) and Blanka to a slight degree )


what are your difficulties against Juri? Piercing her defense? As you guessed, this matchup requires patience… learn to absorb her fireballs. Her strength is at mid-range, thanks to fireballs and dive-kicks. Once you’re in close range, you’re at advantage… but she can anti air you easily from mid range and she can use her ex pinwheel to get you off on wake-up. This option can be baited but even if she hits you, it won’t do much damage. The problem is that she pushes you again at her best range… Normal pinwheel can be crossed up. All in all, once you’re in close range, you can jump on her much more easily and beat her with Gen’s normals.

I usually don’t go air-to-air against her. Her air-to-air options are not better than Gen’s, but if she hits you, she can combo from them.
I’d suggest using U2 to stop her fireball game and punish baited pinwheels… ah, last thing, when she activates her Feng Shui Engine, BLOCK, don’t push buttons, not even tech-throws… I’d rather get thrown than falling for her tricks and eating a huge feng shui engine combo…

Sorry, I don’t have much time today, I’ll let more expert Gen players give you better suggestions!


Cr.hp in footsies, cr.hp when getting crossed up or dive kicked, st.mp for anti air and close range footsies. Fish for a focus absorb fireball>throw and/or st.mp counterhit into sweep. Dont let up on the pressure, but use your safe jumps and never let her get a pinwheel that way. Crossups are great in this matchup if you dont have your safe jumps down yet.


I apologize for abandoning my own thread but I haven’t been near a computer recently :c ! it’s almost impossible for me to punish her wheel, what’s the recovery on that thing ? also I got lucky one time when I sealed a game by ACCIDENTLY cr.hp-ing a very good juri’s dive kick ( He kicked me after that tho, heh ) other than that It’s almost impossible for me to anti-air her dive kick. Could any of you link a few safejump setups against juri for me or does dash 2x, jump after a f.throw work against her ? also, I dont have the oga crossup chart where I am atm so I’d appreciate getting some info on that aswell. Thanks in beforehand xoxoxox


knock yourself out https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkrirTmUNWXtdEM1b2RRQWpQVmd3Z1FGbXZmbVB6N2c&hl=en_US#gid=0 her HK pinwheel is extremely punishable, you know its HK if she tries it outside sweep range and she spins 3 times I think. I dont have much experience with the match up. check the link up.


LK wheel is fairly safe (but still dumb to use). MK/HK/Ex are horribly unsafe (SRK-territory)

Stick at the Footsie distance, Gens buttons own hers. Up close is okay if you’re the one pressuring,
but momentum can quickly swing in her favour. I’d advise against that.

Jumping is okay since she doesn’t have an AA special. Don’t random Oga though.

Don’t “just block” against FSE rofl that’s horrible advice. If Juri can read what you’re doing, you die.

Don’t get cornered.

You don’t have to AA her Divekick at all, it’s horribly unsafe unless she spaces it perfectly and even then it’s at the very best -1.

If you have issues fighting random Divekick/Pinwheel Juris, I don’t think matchup advice really helps tbh.


Thanks, appreciate it !

The bigger issue is me being persistent in going air to air against her, random divekick/pinwheel’s aren’t an issue though I was unaware about how ( un )safe they where.


You have no business going AA that much. just be tactical