JURI - Midscreen combo video w/o FSE and Resets video



hey guys,

heres a combo collection vid of juri combos from mid screen without using FSE


heres the vid explaining juris most common resets with some examples … (keep a look out for
the combo in the end) :


hope you guys like the vids.



are you using a joystick , pad or 360 controller by chance ?


stick … u can tell from the loud bashing … lol


Could have gone in the video thread, but damn these are nice. I really liked the reset video. Hopefully I’ll be able to apply these to my game once I recieve my stick.


sorry im new to this … ill post it in the vid thread as well


added time links to the combo details in the description section. this way if u wanted to see a specific combo you can jump straight to it :slight_smile:

let me know what u guys think


Whoops, somehow missed this, nice stuff!


Some very nice combos you have going on there, especially the combination of lk fireball and dashing to create a combo ( one of those ’ ding! why didn’t I ever think of that!? ’ moments! )


i’m not trying to hate or anything. i do think the video was well put and all. but most of those combos IMHO was a huge waste of meter. i hope this video was more for just showcasing rather than actually suggesting those should be used in matchs. like the time you combo a fuhajin store FADC kick ( 2 bars gone ) back dash to ex dive kicks ( a total of 3 bars gone ) to ultra. i mean, it looks cool but that is horrible use of meter management imo. especially the fadc kick. when you can just fadc a low fuhajin to ultra 2 for much better damage plus keep a bar of meter that juri will need in a real match.

as far as the resets go, most was already known but they do look kool. once again, i’m not downing your effort, it is very appreciated. i just think most of the stuff presented is not very good for a real match vs a competent opponent.


I actually like the 1st combo in your first video. I’ll use close mp though so it frame traps non shoto’s


This is pretty much my stance on the video. I posted this on Eventhubs in which EmpCow gave me a pretty detailed response. I fell back with a lot of the responses as he was correct on a lot of them.

Some of these are a huge waste of meter if you know the combo is going to hit. However some of them are not bad if they’re blocked. A lof of these are hit confirms imo. The meter useage should be used on chances of advantage. Hit confirms off a fuhajin/jmp/sloppy jump in to ex counter (just my style, cant wait to face a person who punishes this often…karakusa)/etc. things you can visually see that is worth the meter. I personally like using them for ex fireballs. I guess a playstyle difference.

Furthermore off a hit FADC (at that point you can confirm the hit), you could just go for the kill and go c.hp xx sempusha. No need to add scaling to the combo imo.

But again, this isn’t a tutorial, I get that…But you have to be careful as it will be used as such.

The resets are something that I liked seeing although I personally dont use a whole lot of them. The resets I use are to catch back dashers and throwers. Thats why i suggested using s.hp and s.mk after a reset.

Its a nice video (cut down on taunting and BGM on the tv for a better video), and very cool. Actually taught me a few things. So no hate at all. I was expecting something…different I think!


Mmh, too many people misunderstand combo videos as “Tutorial guide to combos”. In my opinion, purpose of combo videos is to show flashy & stylish combos and bend the limits of the character, to find new things. Some of those new findings might dribble down to regular combos if they are effective.


This. He never said they were supposed to be a tutorial so you could use them in a real match, they’re just combos. Every character has super-flashy-waste-of-meter-useless-in-a-real-match-scaled-as-hell combos that show all the time in combo videos, I don’t see why the need to hate on this particular video.


ok umm. id like to clarify somethings.
im new to juri. i just started discovering her potential. the combo video and resets was mainly about my research on her and all hell broke loose. i dont claim to be the best juri in the universe or anything im just figuring this stuff out as i go along. i am still learning the match ups. but at the same time im trying to figure out what tools I have. this for me is alot more difficult as i main dhalsim and he hardly has any of the nutty things juri has. cancles, evades, resets, dash speed, an acctual back dash, a completely different air game, not to mention despite her having faster dashes she has a slower jump start which im finding hard getting used to (sims is 3 frames , hers is 4 frames).also her jump ark is so crap for crossups sometimes when u compare it to other characters, its too weird.

people keep saying its a waste of meter and all that. what people seem to forget is that theres also stun in this game. and thats just as valuable as hitting people. if u keep the pressure on with more taps that are “true” safe block strings you’re more likely to stun someone. without their stun meter going down.

another few things i like to mention.

cancling pinwheels may seem crazy to some people but its pretty damn useful if u know what you’re doing.low level juri players tend to have this illusion that LK pinwheels are safe and that is untrue. not to mention linking it to a harder pinwheel is more damage which is the whole point.

i dont really check the forums or anything and you guys might know this already, i noticed when i was experimenting with her that although the HK pinwheel deals more damage, the first hit of the LK pinwheel deals higher damage than the MK and the HK pinwheels so in my opinion its more worth cancling LK pinwheels if u know you’re going to land it.

another thing is that cancling a pinwheel can leads to putting the oponent in a forced standing state, something i dont think ive seen in another special in the game (i could be wrong), and thats good because hitconfirming using LK, LP , c.MP is alot easier to link things after in my opinion and the scaling difference wouldnt be that bad when compared to LK, MP … i just seem more comfortable with the link.

as for resets, the more i use them the more i find that theres a huge percentage of the community that isnt accustomed to it and they just press buttons. i still think its a thing worth using when the chance comes by. my favorite reset (c.HP, LK fireball, FADC , c.HP, HK pinwheel) deals insane damage. i understand why resetting with standing HP or standing MK would be safer as it puts you in a jump state preventing the risk of throws. if i was afraid of being grabbed i would go for standing MK cuz its easier to expand on when compared to HP. if i had a full super then probably the standing HP and link it with the super. MY COMBO VIDEO IS NOT THE BIBLE and its not meant to be used as a default senario. yes i know there are other options. and i would love to hear your inputs on the subject.

one specific reset i like doing mainly on sagat or an uppercut happy shoto scrub is just punishing the uppercut with j.MP … straight into standing LK. it screwes them up so bad they dont know what hit them. and after doing it like 3 or 4 times… in the 5th time dont dash forward and that would just mess them up even more.

i mentioned this in another thread but ill elaborate on it again here, in the first combo i did a FA, back dash , dash, then Ultra 2… this is a little thing i like to do just to keep me safe in case my focus attack hits too early or too late. and like i showed in that combo, theres all the time in the world to hit the ultra even at the last frames of a crumple. not to mention if you land it right and it connects, if you have one more EX bar u can gain a better angle at an EX dive kick into ultra 2 which deals more damage than ultra 2 alone even with the scaling (plus the dive kick gives stun obviously).

finally, all this talk about waste of meter, burning meter… juri builds meter SO FRICKEN FAST i dont see what the problem is. if you have meter then BURN IT. weather its EX fireballs, EX pinwheels, or even an FADC … if you made the right call then its worth it. and chances are you’re still gonna get super by the end of the round.

now if people would stop complaining about taunts and practicalities and start acctually discussing the situations we would have a much healthier discussion and we can all benifit from it. cuz personally i have so much to learn with her. and i could use all the help i could get.


just because juri gets meter at a nice rate, doesn’t mean you should waste it on unnecessary stuff. especially for the tougher match ups like bison, honda, guile. but you is free to play juri as you see fit.


If you wanted a discussion on how to play, I don’t think making a combo video was a good place to start =P Please don’t take any of the incoming criticism to heart:

  • Stun also prorates along with damage, and you weren’t using any “true” block strings =\
  • Resets are cool and everything if they’re used in moderation. You can try to land resets in high-end tournament, but more often than not you will not find success; which makes you look like a jackass if you keep trying and failing -_-; This is why most of us choose to finish a combo instead =)
  • As for meter management, because Juri’s defense is so ass, she has to push hard on offense. She cannot afford to deal less damage – especially when you can get more damage and stun off of a regular combo. Also, her super is ridiculously good; once you get the meter for it, certain aspects of Juri’s game become more threatening which is always a good thing.

I thought the video was interesting from a casual perspective. I think maybe the people on this forum are trying to view it in light of a tournament scenario.


I liked the video, made me try new stuffs. ^^
With the Senpusha FADC since it makes you oponent stand you can link lk xx high Fuhajin, it gives you the perfect position for the high Fuhajin to hit. Can link U2 after it in corner.

These kind of combos could probably be used for stun setups.

I was thinking of corner throw (140stun) > store mid&low Fuhajins (you have time to before he gets up) > nj.HK > cr.HP xx low Fuhajin > cr.MP (at this point you had plenty of time to confirm) xx mid Fuhajin (only on hit otherwise it whiffs) xx FADC > cr.HP xx high Senpusha.
That’s 700ish stun, so you’re at 850~ stun if you add the throw with an easy confirm and only 2bars… And easy execution.
I’m pretty sure you can go for 900+ if you add another FADC.

We can probably get an instant stuns off a corner throw or Fuhajin store (also allows for double storing, 100stun alone) on a few characters.

For example this one for Dhalsim:
2store>nj.HK>cr.HPxxReleasexxFADC>cr.HPxxRelease>cr.HPxxh.Senpusha… Instant Stun from a throw, 2bars, hitconfirmable.

The double Senpusha FADC combo is also fine imo, doesn’t requiere any metter, doable midscreen, you likely put your oponent in the corner to finish the stun, and you only lose a little less than 100dmg compared to Super.

There is this old video, @ 3:50 you can see the combo being used for stun: [media=youtube]kgeiNKe0jCI&feature=player_embedded[/media]


Nice, I was looking at using j.HK, cr.HP xx fireball and c.MK xx fireball xx FADC cr.HP combos for damage alone, but I didn’t think of stun! I had previously maybe avoided using cr.HP except when hitconfirmed, because I kept thinking “its unsafe, no no”. After watching emperor’s vid, I realized you can just use fireballs to make it safe off jumps.

Also, I’ve seen WeirdoNeo use the fireball FADC xx cr.HP combo before, its a pretty good hit confirm from c.MK xx fireball midfield, especially against characters where you can’t link c.MK xx pinwheel outside the corner.

One thing I’ve yet to look into is adding FSE into the Senpusha FADC mix. I think you can make pretty insane pressure strings that way.


hopefully once i feel more comfortable with ultra 2 and its options i will work on exploiting FSE. although the damage scale associated with it puts me off. it might not be worth making a long combo into a FSE. i could be wrong though…
i need to research it but for now, im trying to perfect my ultra 2 game.

if you find out anything please do share. :slight_smile:


This kind of stuff can be useful for FSE. If you want to finish a combo with an untechable knockdown, it adds a pretty significant amount of damage. It also forces crouching characters to stand, so you can do a combo with c.HP after an overhead.