Juri Option-Select Thread

Im pretty sure no one’s created one of these yet so here goes. Also im confident that this topic does need its own thread, if im wrong please delete and ill post in general Juri gameplay thread. (Most other character threads have a dedicated thread to option selects)

Im sure most people know what option selects are, if not lolultima made a great option-select video here:


Essestially, what this thread is for is for us to post Juri Option-Selects. She’s a new character so not much is out there yet. But i can start it off with one against Backdashers and teleporters.


This option select needs to be set-up from an untechable knockdown mainly against people who like tobackdash a lot on wake-up and teleporters. You need to either sweep them or back throw them for the unteched knockdown. If you forward throw them, they will end up too far away.

The option-select:
Okay as they are waking up do a meaty jumping (edit) hard kick and almost at the same time input the motion for EX pin-wheel. If they wake-up block, they simply block your meaty jump in. If they backdash, they get caught with the EX pinwheel. If they teleport, the active frames on the EX pin-wheel will still catch them in teleport recovery. If you do it right this will catch them if they teleport in either direction.

This option select isn’t entirely safe against the cast. Characters with really reliable reversible and ex moves may beat you depending on the priority of the move over EX pin-wheel. Ill make a list of who this does and doesn’t work on later but for now everyone start working on other option-selects.

Akuma-just don’t do it against akuma, the only thing it works on is backdash and teleport, U1 catches juri, and dps trade at best, forward teleport is safe as well
Dee Jay
Dudley-both ultras will be blocked, ex dp wins all other dps get stuffed, and ex machine gun blow whiffs
El Fuerte
E. Honda-ex headbutt beats it clean, and ex buttslam
Fei Long

Ibuki-her ex dp either trades or gets stuffed, ex raida beats it clean but only with really strict timing, u1 gets stuffed, while u2 gets blocked
Ken-same as ryu
Makoto- ex fukiage gets caught with ex pinwheel, ex hayate gets stuffed, ex oroshi wins clean, ex karakusa gets stuffed, u1 gets blocked and U2 trades with the ex pinwheel at best
M. Bison-bison is odd, if you use ex pinwheel for the os, his back teleport won’t get caught unless he’s in the corner, his front teleport won’t ever get caught, ex pc loses to ex pinwheel, ex scissors trades, and ex stomp loses to ex pinwheel, ex dr will get them to safety
Ryu-does not work against ex dps, regular dps trade at best/ ultra attempts get stuffed or they come out and you can block
T. Hawk

i posted some of this on sf4answer (http://sf4answers.com/questions/190/what-are-juri-s-option-selects/430#430). gave you full credit.

oh and i realized that its not just her ex pinwheel, i did her light one on an ibuki that dashed on wakeup. worked everythime

Theoretically, would this work with her Fuhajins, too?

Don’t know if Fuhajin comes out fast enough for that. Anyway, if you’re a U2 user you’d wanna go with lk pinwheel over EX for the option select listed for the characters that can’t teleport. The reason being that since they’re in an airborne state when they backdash, lk pinwheel will knockdown on the first hit causing a juggle state which allows you to follow up with U2 if you FADC the pinwheel.

Might be a character specific thing, but sometimes you gotta do QCB lk > FADC > QCB QCB KKK to get the ultra. I think it depends on how far the character Juri is facing can dash, but I’m not sure.

Note that this probably needs further testing.

wouldn’t it be qcf x 2 for the ultra or is there something im missing?

Juri crosses under occasionally. I think it depends on how far the character dashes. EX: On Abel every time I tried it, she’d cross under so I had to do QCB x 2. On Rose it was almost always QCF x 2.

edit, i was slightly wrong when i posted this

I made this some time ago.

It’s basic stuff but I hope it can be useful

Nice thread why isnt it active lol, we need more option select for juri. Am going to try figure some out so we can i just started playing this game so hopefully it wont take to long to figure someout

on guys who like to stand over you on knockdown with intention to throw, is it possible to lk pin on wakeup with lp and lk so if they throw u will tech but if not pin will connect?? im away for the weekend so cant test till monday but thought id throw it out so u guys can shed some light??

You can…the risk you run into is this.

If know you’re trying to OST you’re gonna eat damage. I mean, in most cases you’re eating an ultra setup. Yes, if you know they’re gonna throw then yes this works fine. Infact, you can OST with a ex pinwheel if you want. But I dont wanna trust this up to chance.

Thats why late OST is so good. IF they do anything, you block and if they throw your safe. Most Online players will not account for this, but playing a good player they will.

Just saying


If I find something else other than what is mentioned here, I’ll try to put it up.

I don’t have access to my xbox atm, so I’m just wondering, is it possible to OST with ex pinwheel or ex countertaunt simply to not get caught by “I throw you on wakeup BECAUSE YOUR REVERSALS AREN’T INVULNERABLE TO THROWS”?

I have to calm down on linking this OS too many times, makes me seem obsessed or something lol: [media=youtube]XlxgTk9Wf_c[/media]

Ah, that looks nice. I actually became annoyed at some characters just backdashing all the time, and I didn’t really know how to counter it properly. :]

How do you do that one ? I’m finally starting to get this option select thing.

I described how to do it in the vid description, but I’m finding lately you don’t have to delay as much as you think. But here’s the motion: cr.lk, qcb>(slight pause)KKK. The KKK should come out as light kick if done right. If they backdash, or do something other than block/get hit, EX Pinwheel will come out.

Thanks, I’ll try it out later today. So option select is basically imputing the motion for 2 moves really quick and the move that comes out is dependent of what the opponent does ?