Juri Plink

Who here uses Plink i just found out about it not that long ago i find it helpful to link Cr.Lk>St.Lk>Cr.HP xx HK Pinwheel. Still getting use the to fingering of it but once you get used to it i reckon it will be very helpful to link juri’s combos. Also double tapping x2 or x3 Cr.Lk xx Pinwheel works like a charm.
Is there any other types or are there only plink and double tap technique for stick i would love to read more about it cant really browse using search cause my nets capped for another 2weeks.

Who are you hitting that combo on. To my knowledge, you cant hit c.lk, st.lk, c.hp. it whiffs.

works on t.hawk i can test it out on a few more people i normally have training dummy on random. You can also do st.LP>Cr.HP xx pinwheel on most characters i think double tapping is better than plink for combos.

You can link to cr.HP? Why did I never hear of this? I feel like such a noob right now…

st.LK>cr.HP? Surely you mean st.LP?

Frame data is telling me that its impossible. after st.lk ur at +6 frame and cr.hp has a start up of 7, 1 frame too much.

Have u got auto block on lol?

sorry was meant to be Cr.Lk>St.Lp>Cr.HP xx Pinwheel but that whiffs on certain people works fine on t.hawk just gonna test it out on ryu now. But st.LP>Cr.HP works fine on all the characters i tested on

Edit just tested works fine on ryu and blanka thawk

Thts cool iJuri, good work

Cr.lk>St.Lp>Cr.HP is way easier to link than Cr.Lk>St.LK>Cr.HP but the st.hp whiffs on crouchers

tried to link cr.lk>st.lk>cr.hp again on ryu cant seem to get it to land dont know how i got it to land in the first place sorry my exuction the best can someone test ?

I know that different strokes for different folks, and different plans for different characters…but I cant condone this combo. 2 situations where it whiffs. You have to commit to this combo fully and although it would be nice to use and link c.hp…it just is too risky.

I still prefer c.lk, s.lk, c.lk xx mk sempusha as a hit confirm and for a punisher, just c.hp xx hk sempusha.