Juri Represent at WinterBrawl 2011

So…who’s going to winterbrawl in philly this weekend? Whos representing our Queen? I MIGHT be going, so if anyone is interested in a Juri meet up, send me a PM and i’ll shoot my information over.

Yeah, I think I’m going to go. I don’t expect to even win casuals, but I’ll be using Juri all day.

Go, have fun and I sent you a pm. Hit me up

Mad that I just got blown the fuck up on stream. :frowning:

yeah that shit was good lols. fulll screen standing fierce after a forward grab, obviously a U1 input, lol.

Yea. I was tight. Was even more tight hearing “nooo way” when I hit the ex counter > fse activation. I got nervous when I heard that and fucked the input up by a shit ton of frames.

sigh upsetting

Icy had a great match vs a hawk player. Zoned him back hard. Good stuff.

I’m 1-0 in singles. I’m bout to take all these cats money.

Thanks. I feel a little lame zoning so hard but I gotta keep in mind that this is tournament play and I gotta do what it takes to win.*
Nice job against that Guile yourself; Guile always gives me loads of trouble.

*Funniest thing I heard all night: “You gotta be 25 or over to use Guile . . . kids don’t have the patience to hold back that long.”

Icy. That guy was doo doo sause. He ate every one of you’re jhk blocking low. He was pissed. However. He would have lost anyway.

He was so bad that he didn’t understand that. That’s why I didn’t care saying “I wish I got that hawk!!!” in front of him

Yeah, I know. If he would have anti-aired me once I would have stopped jumping at him, but as long as he wasn’t I figured I’d have more fun than just throwing fireballs the whole game.

Bluenine has a serious juri.

ive seen that name somewhere before, then again if theres so much as one video of his juri out there id have probably glanced it, i always check for Juri vidz on youtube.

He also plays Abel.

2-2… 1 dq win.

Lost to a guile and el fuerte. Fucking fuerte.

2-2, 1 bye.
I was one round away from randoming Arturo into losers. Beat his Rose first match (I don’t know how well he knew the match up and he had been playing Marvel for the last 5 hours, but I’m taking this as a legit win) and then got destroyed by his 'Sim. Managed to land a desperate-as-hell EX dive kick into U2 to take a round off his 'Sim and send it to the wire though.

I think this is a sign that I need to either buckle down and up my game or declare victory and retire.

You shouldnt really say desperate as hell ex dive kick if you used it smartly, Arturo always plays a calculated Sim game, where if you do X he does Y to beat it out, so most importantly if you jump he will anti air you, all the time. If you jumped in on him and did ex divekick that would mess with his rythem and beat his AA out, which wouldve been smart to say the least.

Arturo is a great sim and sim is great vs juri.

I have no idea how to play the match but I know there’s a great write up in the match up thread by empcow.

I would play it safe, try and advance slowly and hope for a kd from ex fuhajin. Then do you’re magic.

But yea. I tried to rush over and warn you about the dive kicks.

It was like “nooooooo”

Btw great to meet you man, always a pleasure to meet another one of juris slaves.

Sim has it easy vs Juri, its a frustrating match, at lower levels of play Juri walks on him, but good Sim players are hard…really hard. The only way to zone in on them quick is full screen hk dive, which is mad unsafe and still loses to back roundhouse, his fierce AA stuffs j.faps too alot of the time, you can hope for a trade but his hitbox reachs your hurtbox before yours does vice versa…its really frustrating.

Well, I say desperate because my thinking was basically “I’ve got about 10% health to his 90%. My only chance is to land ultra, my best hope at forcing that is probably EX dive kick.” The thinking’s not necessarily wrong, but it’s still risky. Going for the EX dive kick is a pretty good way to bait and counter an AA, but it was loser’s bracket for me if he blocked it.

I think next time I go to a major I should print out the match-up thread and re-read it in some of the copious down time.