Juri representing at ECT

In wondering who is coming to ect to represent our queen. Ill be there trying crush everyones hopes and dreams. How’s everyone feeling about this major?

I’m going. Predicting a lot of Twins in the future…just putting it out there.

I already know. I’m preparing myself.

I’ll be there to make the other Juri players look good :slight_smile:

I’ll be there.

If this tournament wasn’t so far away from where I am and could get time off from work I’d go. I’ll be looking for you guys on the stream and do your best to win this weekend.

In contrast, I didn’t know this was so close to me. I’ll be there.

Good stuff, Juri represent. I’ll be around wearing a big Nasty Kail t-shirt and a big afro, dont be afraid to introduce. Anytime I see a juri play I try and be there and talk afterwards. I use these tourneys as a way to really connect with other players and go home with stuff to work on. I hope you guys show me some new juri tech! :3. Lets make them fear our queen.

Anyone know the console they are using ?


If you need anyone to help you prepare, i can help you out. I can play quite a few characters and i can play some yun (all though he makes me feel a bit cheap) to help you out with that match up too.

I’m definitely in there. I’ve been putting most of my fighting efforts into Juri lately.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it. I won’t be able to attend any tournaments for an extended period of time. I really wanted to attend evo this year but it’s not going to happen. Next tournament I’ll be at might be season’s beatings. You going to be there alex?

Yo, bluenine, glad to see you around man. Dont be a stranger.

Nattruss. I wish I had your number. Our check out time is 12pm so we won’t have a room for casuals. Up to you if you wanna come back down.

Went 2-2 in my pool. I could have beaten marlinpie but I dropped a lot and didn’t expect him to cannon spike as much as he did.

Matt, kail, icy it was cool chilling with you guys talking shop. Even though this tourney was a shit show, I’ll probably be at the next one. Cant wait! I wen’t 1-2.

I went 2-2 and then went 1-2 in teams. So much stuff to take in. I was very proud of the 1 win our team had being me cleaning up. good shit.

Honestly on a side note…the tourney did go poorly…but everyone should have mad respect to Johnny for putting on ECT. He put his everthing in this tourney and hearing him talk about it with such passion and pride…and knowing that it was something he really wanted and made it happen…you gotta respect that.

It could have been handled better…more setups for the pools for SSF4 singles…but for the most part a lot of it has to do with the players…no ones ever where they should be…

I had a lot of fun talking with everyone. Shout outs to Albino, Mattruss, Icy, Blue Nine, Basic Complex, Alucardny, Jurkillsfriend! for showing up. Juri was represented in a big way…I just wish we all did better. So much fun talking juri and getting ideas of what ourcharacter can do. It makes me happy to know that we all have put in such work with juri…and it makes m happy that we will continue to put in work.

Seeing everyone was cool. The tournament itself was, well you know how disappointing everything else was (and I’m not talking about my going 0-2). I’m not going to be able to make Summer Jam, but I’ll be keeping on at the Break trying to up my Juri.

I went 2-2 as well >< i was in pool a and it didn’t start on time and ended waaaay late. I just felt bad i got beat by a rog player on stream. I got exposed T.T
Regardless it was great seeing the other Juri players. We’ll do better next time, i know we will.

pps. venue…TOO FACKING SMALL much love, Juri Kills Friend!

Oh next time its gonna be crazy. They wont see it coming!