Juri S02 comprehensive "xx special" table. There's EVERYTHING in there. I mean it : )

Hey everyone,

Topic: Juri normal cancellable table. It tells you what normal move can be cancelled, and what point, how it behaves, if it connects on normal hit, counter hit, if it’s a block string, if it trades, if it might wins versus crouched attacks… In short: with this table you should know what special to use after any normal in any situation.

I did that research several month ago for season01 but I decided it was time to update this table and include season02 changes.
FYI I retested everything, I did not focus on what the changelog would state, because you never know.

There are several instances of distance used in this spreadsheet. These distances were determined with Frame Trapped for SFV.
For reference, when you’re the closest to opponent (with Juri, could be different with other chars), distance=0.50 ; When you start a round, distance=3.00. Fullscreen, distance=5.00.

I play on PC with a dual screen setup and my second screen is 1600x1200 hence the quite smallish font I used and the size of the columns so every important thing is visible on that specific screen without having to scroll. They key is not visible but I wrote it so I usually remember ; ). Obviously you can save that and change it the way you see fit.


Ps: I’m a nerd, I like to understand things, and I’m a perfectionnist. I guess that probably shows with that table : P

This reminds me of the Iron Man chart parody with all of the frame data and button sequences LOL

When I pick up Juri some more I’ll look into this.

Thanks for the effort! bought this game recently and sometimes I find out myself not knowing what to do after getting a normal in and I just end up mashing buttons, lots of terminology but I’ll give it a try.

Interesting info, thanks! Need to study this.

i was just starting to pen this out myself and was getting frustrated!